Who's the best DC Character...

…to have never gotten their own solo title?

One of my all-time favorite characters is Lady Shiva, and I would be first in line at the door to buy a book about her. But since her debut in 1975, she’s never gotten to be the star.

Who are your favorite characters who have yet to receive their time in the limelight?

The Riddler! I’d totally read a Riddler miniseries. I mean, I’d read an ongoing, but I’m not sure anyone else would care that much. I’d also appreciate a series about Captain Cold or the Rogues more generally. I don’t know, maybe I’m just in a heist story kind of mood.

I’ll second Shiva, too. That would be cool.


While both Beast Boy and Red Tornado have had their own mini-series at different points, neither has had an ongoing (at least not to my knowledge), and I think they could both sustain one. But if I were to say what character were the best… that’d have to be B’wanna Beast. He’s just so… bizzare. I’d love to see a solo ongoing with him, or even just a limit series.

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Oh, I forgot to add: you’ve got a third vote for that Shiva series (just the phrase Shiva Series has a bit of a nice ring to it, don’t you think?).


If you say “Shiva Series” three times in front of a mirror, Lady Shiva will pop out of the mirror.

Has Rip Hunter had his own mini or ongoing where he isn’t with the Time Masters, Booster Gold and the like?