Who's Ready for SDCC in July?

Earlier today ( June, 24th ) we learned that the Arrowvurse, Doom Patrol, Young Justice Outsiders, Titans, Batwoman, Pennyworth, and the new Harley Quinn show that will be on DC Universe this fall will all be at San Diego Comic-Con this July.

Already we know that we will get our world premiere for Pennyworth, the season 2 premiere of Titans, and the Batwoman pilot.

It has also been said that we will find out the future for Doom Patrol and Young Justice.

My question is, what are you looking forward to the most at San Diego Comic-Con?

I’m looking forward to Pennyworth, and hopefully they’ll give hints at what the CWverse has planned for this upcoming season.

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I don’t have an answer for this. I only wish I could be there.

Not going…looking forward to DCU announcements…also looking forward to see new collectibles. Hope McFarlane showcases something.