Who's Reading The Nice House on the Lake?

This book is just awesome. I don’t encounter a ton of people who read it - anyone had a chance to pick this up?


Glad you are loving it.

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The Nice House on the Lake is one of a couple examples of what would have been a Vertigo book years ago getting elevated by the prestige Black Label format. (The other is The Last God.) I’m loving it, and hope to see more projects this ambitious and different from DC in the future. I read the first half before the break, and I’m waiting for the series to finish before I do a full reread.

  1. Happy Birthday, @HubCityQuestion! :partying_face:

  2. I’m reading TNHOTL as it comes to DCUI. So far, so good.


Yes yes yeeeeeeeeees!

@Alec.Holland got me into TNHOTL sometime last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. The art alone is AMAZING.

Got anything about the book that you particularly love, @ETR34? :eyes:

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I think the art is incredible @staticshocks, but honestly it’s both the story (which is incredible even when it’s fairly bleak) and the initial concept of the book, which is also hard to describe accurately without spoiling anything.

Is there a set endpoint for the series? I have it on my pull list at my local comic shop but haven’t heard if it’s a maxiseries or anything like that

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Agreed! The dialogue itself has that Fraction-esque dry wit to it, even when it’s just a character monologuing for a few pages, so never a truly “dull” moment.

It has been labeled as a maxiseries, so it looks like it will have 12 full issues with 8 issues out right now (we just got #5 here on DCUI two weeks ago).

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The story does a great job of making me wonder how I would behave in a similar situation. It’s also really well written in the sense that I feel like I NEED to know what happens next. I absolutely love the series and it brings me genuine excitement every month when it lands on DCUI

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Completely agree - in fact, I needed to know how it was going so badly I ended up buying the collected edition for 1-6 and then ordering the series at my LCS because i just couldn’t wait for them to hit DCUI.

Also, I feel like this comic is tailor-made to get adapted into a miniseries or movie at some point in the future.


Great series.

And it would be excellent as a streaming series on HBO Max or Netflix.

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I have been reading each issue as it comes to DCUI and enjoying it a lot. I agree that it has great art.

I just picked up my books for the past month and read issue 8. I love my DCU books, but Nice House on the Lake is my favorite series currently going. I am a little concerned though. Wikipedia says that this will be a 12 issue series, but with four issues left, I admit I’m a little concerned about it sticking the landing in that time. But I haven’t been disappointed by a single issue so far. So hopefully my fears are unwarranted.

I also don’t really want this to be “To Be Continued” in a second volume. I feel like this story NEEDS a conclusion. It doesn’t need to go on forever. So while I love it, I really want it to have a satisfactory ending… as well as a TV series adaptation.