Who's read Freedom Fighters

OMG, great opening book. Without spoiling much, its exactly what I want in a maxiseries about Nazi Superheros.

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Which iteration of the Freedom Fighters are you thinking of, Nathan? Have you read the Battle for Bludhaven?

Picking it up Friday on my way to see Aquaman.

I liked it. The Plastic Men were very creepy.

*Plasstic Men that is, given their affiliation.

This looks to be a very interesting and good maxi series

I’m really excited for it. I have very little exposure to the characters but Tynion IV and Barrows are one of my favorite creative teams. I flipped through a review copy and it looked really good.

Huge fan of Freedom Fighters absolutely can’t wait to read it. I’ll give feedback when I do.

Robert venditti is one of my favorite writers! I digged the first issue

This one sold out fast at both my LCS’. I’m going to order it and looking forward to it.

Any comic that wrecks Nazis is okay with me.

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But it doesn’t wreck Nazis…