Who's in your Squad?

Okay, Waller. You’ve received the green light to “recruit” villains to Task Force X.

There restrictions however. You can only abduct, er, “bring on” American citizens. I don’t want the UN up my…you know, defecation station.

Also, they must BE a villain. I want ad much deniability as possible, and heroes are being too much scrutiny.

No more then 7. You know what happens when you get to many.

Remember, you only have so many resources. Don’t spend all your time trying to “hire” Psycho, or something like that.

Good luck, and make your country proud


I’ll go with…

  1. Riddler
  2. Catwoman
  3. Livewire
  4. Dr. Psycho
  5. Weather Wizard
    Can I replace Riddler with Ozymandius? I don’t know how much that counts as DC.

Last I heard he was living on Europa, so it might be hard to get ahold of him

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Poison Ivy
Killer Frost

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Oooh. Girlpower.

As a squad fanatic, I must mention that Katana would be perfect in that lineup.

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