Who's DCs Rick and Morty?

I was thinking about Lex Luthor and how there’s a few good, but mostly evil Lex versions in the multiverse. Then thought of the Rick episode where he showed the spectrum of infinite Rick’s on a scale of good to evil.

Do any of the geniuses (good or evil) fit the bill of a Rickquivelint? Not that a crossover would ever happen, but dimension hopping across the multiverse who would DC’s duo be?

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Batman and Robin (pre Nightwing). Granted Bats is aiming for law and order,but IMO Rick and Bats are the same kind of person

One thing I forgot while this idea was gestating was that Rick is chaotic neutral. In terms of in relation to his actions and compared to other Rick’s. He’s neither good nor evil and is chaotic as it gets. I gotta disagree and say Batman doesn’t fit that bill. Plus he isn’t a rampant high functioning alcoholic like Rick

If being chaotic and an alcoholic are factors, then nobody.

Umm Heatwave on Legends? He sure is

Is he a genius though? Not from what I’ve seen.

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Rick - John Constantine
Morty - Booster Gold

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Working my way through the 52 series, and I’m somewhere around issue 30 or so. Island with crazy bad dudes yukking it up. Booze, drugs or whatever.

I threw heatwave out in reference to nobody who’s chaotic and an alcoholic being qualified. http://easydamus.com/chaoticneutral.html

There’s other characters who fit the alignment system for different molds, and not saying any DC Rick has to be a drunk and chaotic, but that is how Rick rolls, puns aside. The above poster mentioned BATMAN and Robin. Neither of those fit a chaotic neutral profile. If anyone would out of the Batverse hero wise it’d be Jason Todd. Villians could be anyone.

So to reiterate, what genius is on par with Rick if they got a portal gun and started portal hopping the DCU for shits and giggles?

The real question: which Rick and which Morty?

Well the core earth 36651 or whatever place the Morty usually calls home. Obviously Rick jumped ship after the Squirrel invasion, and his personal has jumped bodies a couple tes but his persona is from the same as Morty 36651 or whatever?

Detective Chimp is Rick. Bizarro is Morty. I don’t know what kinds of adventures ensue.

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I think I hear Ambush Bug calling in somewhere lol

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@Doomsday787 pick up the Phone the phone ringing. I know you here Ring Ring Ring it Ambush Bug.


We need a Rick & Morty figures in Batman & Robin gear down the line.

Mr.Oz and Jon Kent

I could totally see the Blue Beetles (Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes) fitting that Bill.

A book with those two, but written in the same spirit as R&M would be amazing!

@TheSammyMartini honestly, John Constantine could be the Rick to anybody’s Morty in the DCU.