whoa! I've never seen Katherine McNamara before just now...

She is Babs…

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That’s her!

And attractive.

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She’s certainly pretty. Is she in the running to play Babs in something? I didn’t see anything pertinent on her IMDB page.

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She appears as a boxer (I believe) in Arrow.

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Some older article popped up. I wish she was playing Babs. Put her on Titans! Lol. Or Birds of Prey…

Dang it. She would have made an excellent Barbara Gordon. I need to find the Earth where she does play Batgirl.

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Right? Is she not a perfect fit?

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It was an early article about Birds of Prey rumors. I hope she ends up as Babs somewhere. Maybe this is what will do it. Lets let DC know. Lol

And maybe someone more social can find a good way to ask her if she wants to be Batgirl.

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That might help

walks up to Katherine McNamera

Me: “Hi, how are you today? Say, would you be interested in participating in another DC Comics based project, this time as Barbara Gordon? She also goes by the aliases Batgirl and later on, Oracle. Batgirl is an ally of The Batman, while Oracle is an expert hacker and information broker to the superhuman community. Miss Gordon is a great character and one that you could sink your acting chops into quite heavily.”

Ms. McNamera thinks it over and then signs the contract. I put it in my briefcase, shake her hand and thank her for her time, then go on my way.

Well, that was easy. I think I’ll get some Big Belly Burger now =)

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I wouldn’t even be able to say hi to her. It would probably sound more like a croak. But, I would still keep trying until I could kind of get her attention.

It just takes time, comfort and confidence. I’m not exactly Mr. Life of the Party myself. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and say to yourself “Come what may, let’s do it.” and see what happens, while hoping for the best outcome. I of course realize that that is far easier said than done.

Yeah, when I see a lady that I find attractive and do not know, my heart races- similar to when there were class presentations in school-when I think about the possibility to talk to her.

Now, if I know her, I may be able to have more confidence, but I usually don’t.

Oh boy, class presentations. Those did make me nervous. It was all worth it when I received one of the better grades in the class though. Again, you just take a deep breath and hope for the best =)

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Definitely. I just need to think of a positive idea that is stronger than whatever anxiety is preventing me from speaking- easier said than done.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to myself: “Just say hi to her. Be casual and confident.” and then I go to say hi but my mouth goes bone dry and I quickly turn in another direction and walk away like I meant to walk that way in the first place. To quote a line from Forrest Gump: “It happens.”

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Well, comics have taught me that everything happens for a reason. It just takes one success, despite numerous failures, for things to work out.

Yep, absolutely. One shining light to lead the way for sure.