Who would win between captain cold and mr freeze?

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BTW, I’m trying now on to get 1 of these battle type comments every monday, just for fun

I am not too familiar with the characters, but I have read Silver Age comics that have Captain Cold, watched the 1990 and 2014 Flash; watched Batman: TAS, played Arkham games, Lego games, etc., so, hopefully, that is enough background to provide reasonable input.

With that being said, I would say Captain Cold. Both of them are essentially humans with their power stemming from a cold gun. While Mr. Freeze is a rogue to Batman and Captain Cold is a main antagonist to Flash, there are a few differences that make the seemingly less Justice League powered member’s antagonist more of a threat.
Current Mr. Freeze steals gems and items in order to find a way to save his wife. Noble ambition, but poor execution. He also requires cold temperatures to survive. But, his suit protects him from heavy attacks.
Captain Cold steals for fun, had a cold gun with the sole purpose to neutralize Flash’s speed, but-from his origins- is not as intelligent as other villains (Silver Age Mirror Master planned schemes that involved Captain Cold).

Overall: Mr. Freeze would have the better defense and possibly greater intellect, but Captain Cold’s gun may have a colder setting than Mr. Freeze’s, especially since Captain Cold has made mirages where I do not think Mr. Freeze has…

Well let’s see…

With Freeze you get:

  • A genius level IQ
  • Advanced technology
  • Immunity from the cold


  • Cunning and street smarts
  • Creativity
  • Willing to fight dirty
  • Doesn’t always fight alone

In my opinion, the deciding factor would be that Captain Cold is still just an ordinary human, whereas Mr. Freeze has physically altered to resist extreme colds. Snart might dress for the cold, but it would slowly start to affect him to a point where he wouldn’t be able to continue on. Freeze could jump into the Arctic Ocean and come out fine. It also helps that while Snart knows his cold gun inside and out, Freeze has the ability to create a bigger arsenal of weaponry and is far more tech savvy. Snart may be craftier, but I’d say the edge goes to Victor Fries.

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I do think freeze would win, since he is naturally used to the cold

I would say Mr. Freeze, nothing would stop him for saving his wife.

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Mr freeze

Killer Frost!

Mr. Freeze. Victor is far more intelligent, far more focused, and far more driven by a motive then that of the more shallow, money driven Snart.