Name your fav villain and fav hero, imagine them in a fight, and who do you think would win?


Let me get this started

Hero: Blue Beetle

Villain: Scarecrow

Honestly Blue Beetle would destroy scarecrow, because idt the scarab would let the fear gas affect Jaime, and with all the gadgets it has, even scarecrows “violent dancing” doesn’t stand a chance lol

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This thing is not getting enough love😂

Hero- Superman
Villain- Deathstroke

Who would win- Both can heal very fast, both are quick thinkers, Deathstroke has taken down several versions of the Justice League by himself; while Superman has killed (and been killed by) a being who only knows hate and destruction as well as being known to be created to kill the Man of Steel (and has also been resurrected after the battle). Superman has many powers, while Deathstroke is a master strategist and the DC Universe’s greatest mercenary.

All of that is exposition was necessary to detail strengths as well as help provide me with time to come up with a logical response. Therefore:

Skill- Deathstroke
Defense- Superman
Powers- Superman

So, based on those outlooks, Superman. If I think of other categories, it may affect, but this is my tentative outcome.

Also, it may change because the more I read comics (and potentially rewatch things), I may have a new favorite hero or villain.

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Nice! Deathstroke is also high up there for me, but there is something there with scarecrow I just love

Villain- Mr. Freeze
Hero- Raven
I feel like there’s no contest lol. Raven decimates Mr. Freeze :joy:


Favorite Hero: The Question
Favorite Villain: Lady Shiva

We saw how this went down in Question #1.


Villain: Penguin
Hero: Superman

There’s no doubt about it that Superman would’ve easily beat Penguin. :slightly_smiling_face::penguin:

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@abfgmsw: If you haven’t checked it out, there’s a terrific Superman vs. Deathstroke fight relatively early on in Priest’s ongoing Deathstroke: Rebirth series!

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Hero: John Constantine
Villain: Hugo Strange

Hmm, the mystical con artist versus the professional psychologist/mad scientist. This could get interesting…

Thank you. I will need to check that out.

1# Darkseid (toughest question. So many great Villains.
2# Superman

We kinda already know how this fight turns out… on numerous occasions, but I like to think with a more realistic approach Darkseid would win out.
I mean, dude is a God after all.

Hero: Martian Manhunter
Villain: Clayface

Martian Manhunter might be the most powerful being in DC

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Favorite superhero: Green Arrow
Favorite super villain: Deathstroke

It would be a really close match but I believe that Green Arrow would win

Fav Hero: The Spectre (Unbound)
Fav Villain: Darkseid
The Spectre would demolish Darkseid. The Lord of Apokolips would beg for his life by the time Spectre is done with him.

Fav Hero: Batman
Fav Villain: tough but I will go with Darkseid.

Darkseid just needs to wait til Batman gets older to hit him with his Omega beams.

Villain: Bill Maher
Hero: comic book community

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Fav. Hero: Batman
Fav. Villian: Deathstroke

Batman would likely end up the winner

Fav hero: Shazam
Fav Villain: Touch but I think Black Manta
I believe shazam would win due to his godly abilities. Manta is smart and has got his fair share of gadgets but he’s no batman.

Hero- Wonder Woman
Villain- Joker

I’m pretty confident WW would prevail. WW is why I became a DC fan, from Super Friends. Joker is my favorite villain in any fiction, & the 1st comic I ever bought was Joker issue #1. So I’d have to choose those 2 as my favorites.