Who would you sidekick for?

There are sidekicks that become heroes, in their own right, like Nightwing. Some sidekicks had a hard knock life like Arsenal. Some heroes have never had a sidekick.

If given the opportunity to sidekick for a hero, who would you choose. Given powers and abilities to be on par with your hero. You would fight side by side with them, hangout with them, and struggle or benefit with them.

Given the chance I’d like to sidekick with Starman. Crime rate is low and slow in Opal City, Starman has cool friends and would probably make as many mistakes as I would.


Given that I would be fit to sidekick with him (I would have his powers), probably Barry Allen would best gel with my personality

Raven, we are both young and sarcasic

I’m a Side kick meaning I’m young and impressionable so what better mentor is there then Superman Plus it must mean I have superpowers

Can we sidekick with a team? Like how Snapper Carr did with the JLA?

Because if so, I’d choose The Authority.

As for an individual character, I’ll go with Wonder Woman or Power Girl.

Booster Freakin’ Gold. Actually Skeets, since he’s already Boosters sidekick

I would love to sidekick with Constantine

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The Marvel family. They have cool powers and quirky villains and stuff. I would be… CORPORAL MARVEL!

If your codename has Marvel in it, keep an eye out for that car with Marvel lawyers in it. They might pull a “Excuse me, that name is…”

Constantine. I think if I were Constantine’s sidekick, we’d both be making wisecracks the whole time and I also just generally love his accent. That being said, I think I personally would be more equipped to be the sidekick of someone like Cyborg or Atom since I’m a lot better with science.


The Dark Arhcher

@iwjgamer25.96581 As much as I love John. His sidekicks usually get the short end of the stick.

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I’m just tryna be Selina’s partner-in-crime. :smirk:


Sixpack or any of the Section 8 heroes!