Who Would You Side With?

If you were a metahuman in the DC Universe, and you had to pick one superhero/villain team, who would you pick?


Ah, my fellow Kryptonian. The hero in me would like to be apart of the Justice League after earning my stripes with the Titans. :superman_hv_3:

My evil Earth-3 doppelganger, however, says he would not mind being a henchmen for the Gotham City Sirens. :harleyquinn_hqas::poisonivy_hqas::catwoman_hv_5:


It would need to be someone morally upstanding (to balance me out). Maybe John Constantine, Lobo, or Black Adam.


My powers: Those of my only self-created character that’s totally unique. Water blasts, swordplay, and a second genome with abilities like super-speed, psychic projectiles, and shapeshifting into four distinct forms.
I would ally myself with the Teen Titans. They’re younger than me (I’m just shy of being a legal adult) but my wacky personality would probably fit right in. Also, they have their own cushy tower.


I would start off on the justice league, but after getting into an argument with Superman about his moral value (despite being one of my favorites, he would drive me nuts), I would end up in the legion of doom for a short while before going solo.


Ah yes, the moral compass of The Man of Steel. Quite the standard to stand up against and it’s understandable that it could get in the way now and then. Might be why Batman plays off so well with Superman being frenemies, but then Wonder Woman is also there to make sure everything is, well, wonderful at the end of the day so it’s all good for me. :sweat_smile:

The Legion of Doom would be interesting. Who would your legion contain? The “legion” that had my attention for a while formed on Legends of Tomorrow between Reverse Flash, Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlin, and Captain Cold/Heatwave. They had some good moments of villainy together. :smile:


Probably Young Justice (Peter David version). I always loved that group. Or The (80’s) Outsiders.


I’d have to ally myself with the Titans.


For those saying Teen Titans, how old are you? lol

I’ll side with the Light from Young Justice. (If they allow me in)


After I help Harley clean up Coney Island, I would most likely team up with her and Ivy as a Trio. Ivy and I using our metta powers and Harley with her mallet/bat. Serving Justice and Causing Chaos wherever we go.


I would start off with the Titans or Young Justice but eventually end up with the Justice League!


The Legion! Great team, lots of support and all the great stuff in the future we don’t have


I would side with young justice and then later go solo and join the Justice League but if my membership denies I join the JSA

JSA is my first choice. Second choice is Earth’s second best team, the Justice League.

Me, I would have trouble with The Batman. “I’m always right. And it has to be my way! And besides, I pay all the bills.” I’ll take the guy who holds the high ground over the insufferable rich boy any day.

Imma have to go with the outlaws

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