Who would you most want to see added to the Arrowverse?

If you had creative control to create a new show within the Arrowverse who would be your hero pick? Or maybe a villain based show. Love to hear your thoughts.



Yes Zatanna! with maybe Doctor Fate and Zatara too. I would love to see arrowverse explore the mystical aspects.

Another Character is John Stewart Green lantern. Expanded universe. White lantern and black lantern arcs. its What all us DC fans are Craving!


I am just waiting impatiently for Batwoman for now. I just never want to see anymore of the Trinity (Clark can be gone from Supergirl) in the Arrowverse. I am really enjoying the other characters getting the screen time. Clark, Bruce, and Diana have always been the primary focus for screens. I didn’t get much exposure to the others except for Superfriends on Saturday mornings. I would love to see Zan and Jayna make an appearance (I know they did in Smallville, but I am not on that season yet lol). I agree that I would like to see John Stewart GL.

Blue beetle and Dr fate

Batgirl, on Earth-38 with Supergirl. World’s finest working together.

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Booster gold

Green Lantern

Yes Zatanna would be awesome. She’s such an interesting character. I think it would be interesting to see her interact with supergirl



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I would like them to merge earth 38 with earth and have everyone on one earth. Bring in Dr. Fate and let him merge both earths