Who would you like to see in Young Justice: Outsiders?

Besides the characters that we know will make their first appearances in Outsiders like Katana, Metamorpho, and Orion for example who else would you want to see come on to the show? For me I would love to see them introduce Raven, Jericho, Starfire, Rose Wilson (Ravager II), Cassandra Cain (Batgirl/Black Bat), and Red Arrow (Emiko Queen) for starters.


I trust Weisman and company, so I can’t say I have any preferences.

Though, given that Cassie is my favorite Batgirl, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing her show up. So long as they avoid any-and-everything concerning Orphan, Mother, Tynion and her reinvention in general.

A Young hawkgirl or power girl.


I trust Weisman too. He really knows the DC mythos and hasn’t shied away from introducing obscure and major DC heroes and villains. Him and his team have proven that time and time again with introductions like Blue Devil (something I didn’t pick up until recently with my rewatch of YJ) and more. I really enjoy James Tynion IV’s time with Batman on both Eternal books and Detective but yeah his handling of Cass hasn’t been the greatest. It wasn’t 100% his fault though either. Scott Snyder had a hand in it as well.

I’d like to see Supergirl. I feel we need a better representation of her than what we’re getting on the TV show.

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I would love to see damian wayne not sure if he is the new robin in this season


It’s still Tim.

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It’d be cool to see the Legion travel back in time to help the team for an episode or two.

@ ANerdWonder Snyder’s involvement was actually minimal. He stated on his Twitter at the time that any praise for the Eternal books should go to Tynion and the other writers. While it’s possible maybe Snyder made a bad recommendation that Tynion went with, it seems the stories by and large (barring editorial interference) were from James’ head.

I can see how some might like the Eternal books, but I found them to not live up to their potential and seemed mask their weaknesses with tropes similar to what movies used to hide their plot holes. And Cassie’s new origin was just awful; it got me to drop all Bat-titles until it gets cleaned up. I hear Tynion’s a big fan of hers, and that may be true, but his writing sure didn’t show it. Or at least, not a fan I’d want handling the character.

After seeing a memorial of Jason Todd I definitely feel like we have to see Red Hood

I would like to see Static Shock &Damian Wayne :+1::+1:

Man, they write this show so well I dont even care. I want to see their version of anyone. Ragman needs to be visable somewhere, so yeah. Ragman. Or Spectre. Or Blue Devil. Or Rocket Red. Or…

A living Jason Todd(hopefully as red hood)

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Kid Devil. Here’s a character that has yet to get his due and would work perfectly with this show.

As long as they keep the show going for many more years I’ll keep my subscription. Love the show. The only thing I hope they change for the newer seasons is the time jumps between seasons. I get it for this season but if they are having seasons every year I don’t see the point. Just a cheater way to not have to develop the characters.