Who Would YOU Like to See Get Their Own DC Universe series?

With the critical success of DC Universe’s Titans in the previous and latest seasons and its wild, weird, and brilliant successor Doom Patrol, which beloved or obscure DC character would you like to see get their own live-action series on the growing platform?


The Question! (guest star Huntress occasionally as I loved him in JLU) or maybe… No Man’s Land! With their current darker, older direction both of these could be great shows!


Justice League Dark! Even if it’s just Constantine and Swamp Thing. We technically already have them casted and costumes :grin:. Just a thought :wink:


Definitely Nightwing, he deserves it more than anyone. I know we’ll never get a batman or superman, so nightwing is more realistic. The show would be called Grayson and it have the whole batfamily in it. It wouldn’t need an origin story, just some flashbacks and let it all kick off in bludhaven. Occasional visits from tim, helena, lucius, stephanie, etc.


Harley Quinn. Also I would want it to be TV-14 instead of TV-MA.


I still really want a Hawk and Dove series. Hank and Dawn are incredible and they really shine more as a duo than in a large team.


Blue Beetle, Question, or a JLI series would be cool. Blue Beetle for more family centric/subversive stories via Jaime Reyes and his supporting cast. Question for mystery/detective stories that are more grounded or have conspiracies to read into. JLI for more fun and whacky situations, like Doom Patrol but even more of a comedy.


I would love a Blue and Gold show. Have Blue Beetle be Ted Kord and give us a show of Ted and Booster on wacky adventures and give us one of the greatest friendships in comics.


With Titans, Doom Patrol and a possible JSA spinoff, I would like to see more solo series. The Question is one that continously enters my mind when I think of a new DC series with so much potential. I’m ready to see so many other characters beyond the norm finally be brought to screen. This character is definitely one of them.

I would’ve said Batwoman and I still will. With the Bat family already established in Titans, Batwoman could’ve been another addition to the verse instead of being on the CW. Just saying. :unamused:

With that said, I’d also like to see more female characters get attention as well. Several characters I feel we’ve already seen on screen in some compacity, including my favorites Black Canary, Vixen and Zatanna. Why not have them again, along with other female characters?!

Bottom line, I just see so much potential for these characters and they could be done well if given a chance. Always hoping for the best!


I think a Zatanna/ Spectre series. I think a true human emotional story is their, blended with magic and other worldly aspects that can rise question. Truthfully Dr. Fate was a side note to the bigger story of a father giving his life for his daughter and a Daughter longing for her father while battling baddies


second for JL Dark



Animal Man! He would fit right alongside the other DCU shows like Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing.


I would like a hawk and dove series, or a green lantern corps, Dr. Fate, Blue Beetle & booster gold. Those are just the ones at the top of my head.


Honestly, how about a solid live-action Batman series? Or better yet, a modern retelling of the 80’s Justice League. That combination of the Dark Knight, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Guy Gardner, Shazam, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle would make for some damn good television.


Doctor Fate would be awesome. That would be something that would be interesting as a film or series


I was just thinking about the Question the other day. And was thinking that he would make a good series.


Justice League International. A team up of the lesser known leaguers with Booster Gold at the center. That could be fun!


I could go on for weeks on this… but some of my favorite pics are…

Booster Gold
Blue Beetle
Jonah Hex
and Metamorpho.


I agree. This could be a great successful tv series.