Who would win?

I’ve thinking about this for a while so I thought that maybe that I post this on this app and see what you people think. Honestly, I don’t would win but it would be cool to see these two 1v1. Please tell me, who do you think would win?

                          Superman v Thanos

Also if your wondering if Thanos would have his gauntlet on or off, he would have it on with all six stones.

Sorry that I didn’t add a photo of Superman fighting Thanos I forgot.

Gauntlet on, Thanos is omnipotent. Superman has no defense against getting snapped out of existence. Gauntlet off, Superman wipes the floor with the big purple dummy.


Sup’s can move faster than Thanos can react and is strong enough to get the gauntlet off him so I’m gonna say Big Blue.

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I think thanos is to OP with the gauntlet on and with all the stones so I’ll say thanos

Just for clarification, is this movie Thanos or comic Thanos we’re talking about?

With a fully gemmed gauntlet, it’s Thanos.
Superman isn’t gonna go for the killer blow first that gives Thanos time (stone :wink: ) to wipe Supes out or use the space stone to travel somewhere Supes ain’t. Sans gauntlet, it’s Supes and that’s not even close.

The gauntlet won’t work depending on where they fight. If it’s in the marvel universe then thanos, but if it’s in an alternate marvel universe or in the DC universe then superman wins

I’d still say superman can win, because in endgame thanos had the gauntlet on for a couple seconds and still lost. It depends on who is writing the story

It all depends. Remember also Thanks knowledge can give an upper hand over Superman especially with the gauntlet. Also remember Superman is vulnerable to magick. And Thanos will truly right fair if he is not sure he can win. But fair and no gauntlet. Superman would wipe the universe with Thanos.

I’d say Superman.

He’d zip in and, via super speed, yoink the Infinity Gauntlet off Thanos’ hand and then knock Thanos out.