Who Would Win? Zombie Green Lantern vs. Zombie Batman

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

The techno-organic outbreak continues in DCeased issue #2 released on DCU yesterday! We see just how far this virus is spreading and who can be impacted. As we do here, we’re wondering who would win if two of the biggest heroes in DC were zombified.

Let’s be respectful of the rough times we’re living in, and just enjoy the fiction, yeah?

Which of these zombos would take the win? Give us your reasoning and vote, below!

Zombie Green Lantern vs. Zombie Batman

  • Zombie Green Lantern
  • Zombie Batman

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Um, wouldn’t a zombie Green Lantern be devoid of willpower, and thus pretty useless as a Green Lantern?


Zombie Batman wouldn’t have the same mental capacity as regular Batman, and thus wouldn’t be able to execute the same level of meticulous planning that Bruce would need to take down any GL. And true, in zombie form, Hal wouldn’t be as precise w/ his ring, but he’s still in posession of 1 of the most powerful weapons in the universe. In their zombie forms, I feel like the battle comes down to pure raw power, which GL’s just gonna have more of

Not according to Tom Taylor. Besides, the anti-life zombies have a singular goal of spreading the anti-life equation, so I feel like they’ve still got willpower. It’s just being used in a much different way


word. Their willpower, maybe with LESS emotions/fear/terror, is focused completly on only one thing, spreading the anti-life equation

Edit: We know that the Guardians decided emotions to be the cause of all evil, first with The Manhunter Robots(that ended up destroying all life in an entire sector!), then the GL Corps, Choosing the Emerald Light of Will, and denouncing the use of all other emotional spectrum light.
Zombie G.L. is emotionless, suggesting that the Ring may actually be MORE powerful as his will to spread the A.L. Equation is multiplied


From what I read lantern my have a shot but the ring may now want to see the will or try to resist it while bats would just be bats. Anyway my vote of course is really bias.

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It’s a tough call, but without the fact I’ve read ahead, at issue 2. Batman is no longer in control of his mental functions, which is arguably his greatest power, the greatest tactician EVA…


OK, if Hal can still make constructs like normal, then I guess I have to change my vote and give it to GL 10:1.

Yellow impurity not a thing, Batman’s best weapon against a lantern would be psychology, which I guess doesn’t apply here. And if Batman did have the mental capacity for tactical misdirection, one would assume a focused, not-cocky Hal would have the mental capacity to have the ring scan for him. Come in from 100 feet, bubble him, and do what needs to be done.


I would have to give the green lantern the edge just the fact he still might be able to use the ring to a degree while batman might just want to claw/bite a victim.


By DCEASED rules, Green Lantern. Hal can still use his ring, but Batman’s tactical advantages are gone.


Absolutely. If either of these guys in their non-zombie form were taking on the other in their zombified form, the non-zombified hero would probably have the advantage. Not that the anti-life zombies don’t pose a real threat, but if you’re prepared for them, a one-on-one fight wouldn’t be as bad

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In brightest day, in blackest night, No brains shall escape my sight! Beware my hunger, Zombie Green Lantern’s bite! :sweat_smile: :superman_hv_4:


Edit…Can I expand on it? I mean no Disrespect, in fact the opposite, I love it and want to expand on your cool idea! I tried to make it follow the Oath’s Rythym

In brightest day, in Blackest night.
No mans brain shall escape my sight.
I see your terror, I smell your fright.
Beware This Zombie, Green Lantern’s Bite!

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It’s a funny question, what with the Love/Hate relationship they have. Batman getting upset because GL’s ring is too bright, keeping Batman from using the shadows.
In Zombie form, do you think Batman still would use the Darkness to his advantage? Probably not right? That takes away ANOTHER Batman non-super “Super Power”

Green Lantern all the way, due to his power ring!:slightly_smiling_face:

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As others have stated Green Lantern and his ring win this battle

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‘Nuff said :smirk:

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Green Lantern for the reason others have already mentioned. If his ring still works, and Batman’s mind is going all mushy, I don’t see how Bats could come out on top…unless he manages to get a quick chomp at one particular finger.


He’s still Batman. Batman has proven that, even as a mythical creature, he still kicks all the butts. Take Vampire Batman for example.

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I guess it’s whichever one has more…


I think a Batman zombie would be much slower to think than Batman-Prime, seriously crippling his abilities.
If Green Lantern is capable of accessing his ring, even if his undead state sullies his ability, he should at least have a slight advantage.


Zombie Batman but I’m pretty biased