Who Would Win? Vigilante vs. Captain Boomerang

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

Our fight this week is between a former attorney and a Suicide Squad veteran-Vigilante vs. Captain Boomerang! Adrian Chase and “Digger” Harkness are both formidable ranged fighters and enjoy using unusual weapons. Which one do you think would win? Let us know who you think it would be and why, below!

  • Vigilante
  • Captain Boomerang

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Vig is good but I feel boomer will win through the comedic act of one of the boomerangs he through coming back last minute and knocking Vig out. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Especially if its the DCEU version, as he would toss Peacemaker’s…flashlight-themed device (to keep it PG-13, you see :wink:) at Boomerang’s head in just the right way, so as to knock him cold.

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