Who Would Win? Victor Zsasz vs. Professor Pyg

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

It’s the scariest time of the year, and this week’s fight is between of the most horrifying serial killers in the DC Universe-Victor Zsasz and Professor Pyg!

Victor Zsasz came from a wealthy family, and after losing his parents and his fortune, came to view life as meaningless and started killing people to “liberate” them from it. He is very tough, an excellent hand-to-hand fighter, and is a criminal mastermind.

Lazlo Valentin was originally a scientist working for the corrupt group Spyral, when he was driven insane by a product he was developing for them. He also has a twisted view of the world, seeing people as broken and being driven to kidnap them and turn them into mind-controlled “Dollotrons”. He is a skilled surgeon and a twisted genius.

If these two highly disturbed and dangerous foes of Batman were to face off, who do you think would win? Tell us who and why, below!

  • Victor Zsasz
  • Professor Pyg

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100% Zsasz


This would be a hard R rated bloody fight between the two, til one man barely left standing, I pick Victor Zsasz.
:cold_sweat:Wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alley.


Zsasz is known for doing his dirty work himself, while Pyg tends to rely more on his Dollotrons for things other than his surgery. Victor’s got this in the bag and will definitely be adding another gruesome tally mark


I feel like Zsasz would be hard for anyone without powers or reall good fighting skills to go against, but then Pyg is crazy and unpredictable, and has science skills he could draw on.


While Pyg is sadistic, Zsasz is an actual assassin… something tells me he knows more strategic moves that Pyg hasn’t even heard of. Also, Victor will pull a sneak attack and make it quick, like ripping off a band-aid. I don’t think Pyg will be given much time to react, in all honesty.


Pyg is unpredictable and crazy but I just feel Zsasz is just a better fighter.


Zsasz, unless Pyg was able to set some sort of trap ahead of time.


If they just ran into eachother in a dark ally probably zsasz if they knew they had to take eachother out probably Pyg, Pyg has numbers with his dollotrons and with all the scars on Zsasz I feel like pyg would be extra motivated to get a hold of him so he could “perfect” the flawed scarred body of zsasz


Just Mano v Mano with no preparation Zsasz without a doubt, assuming Pyg knows his opponent and has time to prepare, I’d give him a slight edge in that scenario.


Bacon is just not a tough meet. All I need is the bat air fryer for Pyg.


Maybe, but at some point Zsasz will lose to the numbers game.

Pyg straps him down, and goes to work removing Zsasz’s trophies, while Zsasz (having requested no anesthesia) stares him down with cold dead eyes, silently planning his revenge…




Homicidal Maniac vs Methodical Maniac
I give it to the rigorous planning of Professor Pyg over the crazed killer that is Zsasz.


I love Professor Pyg and absolutely hate Zsasz, but yeah, Zsasz would take him down in a second


Same. I kept trying to put him between my bread slices, but for some reason Pyg hated that. He hated it even more when he saw the lettuce and tomatoes.


Mfs be like yea Pyg got this… Then proceed to watch Zsasz turn him into a bodega deli section. Whats Pyg gonna do? Give him a hair transplant and a few more scars?

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