Who Would Win? Toyman vs. Trickster

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

The holiday season is here, and one of the things on the minds of kids (of all ages) everywhere is toys! Our fight this week is between two villains who are big fans of toys and gadgets-Toyman vs. Trickster!

Winslow Schott is an inventor and technological genius who uses his skills to create a wide range of dangerous toys and robots that threaten Metropolis and challenge Superman himself.

James Jesse is a frequent foe of the Flash. A con man and practical joker, he uses his brilliant mind to create extremely dangerous trick items.

If these two villains were to face off, which one do you think would be victorious? Tell us who you think it be and why, below!

  • Toyman
  • Trickster

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Id say toy man. I feel he’s more calculated and ruthless


Love this poll idea @Green.Lantern, great choice! :grinning:
I have to go with The Trickster, I mean, who can run on air beside him?! He’s so unpredictable and Mark Hamill made me a fan of this villian.


Of course I’m partial, but I don’t think it’s close. There’s a reason the Toyman gets invited to the Legion of Doom and the Trickster is barely tolerated by the Rogues.



And the fact that he makes deadly toys and harasses Superman.


A truly inspired choice @Green.Lantern , as to whom would win, that is a tough call. The Toyman probably has the edge in gadgets and technology, and the Trickster in cunning and physical abilities. Although it’s a tough call, I’d give a slight edge to Toyman, as the Tricksters love of pranks might overcome his abilities at a critical moment leading to the Toyman victory.


Both are villains of heroes who are exceptionally fast runners.

One was played by Mark Hamill in the original Flash TV series. Hamill has had many toys based on characters he’s played, both in live-action and animation.

Toyman OTOH has had precious few toys, which is quite ironic.

I’ll give it to Toyman.

“Because he’s a Superman character, and Superman is your #1, right?”

In the words of Charles Montgomery Burns, “Well, duh!” :wink: