Who Would Win? Secret Santa Edition

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

The holidays are here, and that means it’s the season of gift-giving! For this week’s special Who Would Win, we want to know which DC character has the superpower of giving great gifts, and would make the best secret Santa! Would Batman’s planning and preparedness carry over to giving thoughtful gifts? Would the Flash’s superspeed allow him to beat everyone else to the best deals? Let us know who you think it would be and why, below!


Here’s a hero I haven’t mentioned in a while!

I think Collapser would be the best. He cares about everyone, young and old, loves music, is super fun, is super energetic, and can teleport/time travel to get gifts nobody else could get!


Definitely would pick The Flash, The Justice League Animated series is a great example of him trying to get DJ Ducky for the kids and a Christmas tree for a villain. He also has a great Christmas spirit that the real Santa would be proud.
:santa: :00_flash::christmas_tree:


Flash is such a nice guy. He’s even willing to accept a truce with his enemies in honor of special occasions.




My vote would be for Batman. He has plans for every contingency, and I would think that would include gift giving. What is more, he is a billionaire, so there’s not much he couldn’t get. I know. Some people will bring up the whole dark and brooding thing, but we all know he’s really a big softie!


Speaking from personal experience, Batman is the ultimate Secret Santa, and most of the other family members are as well, since, y’know, he trained them.


Lex would be determined to one up everybody.


I’d say doomsday. Just for the heck of it. He’d smash into your home and drop a crumbled gift :laughing::laughing:


I feel that Wonder Woman would have the caring and insight to get truly meaningful gifts. The only issue would be she has no idea how to buy things online and everyone would get things suspiciously related to ancient Greek culture.

On the plus side she would wear a super cute hat and have fur trim on her outfit, so there’s that.


I’m surprised none of us have said @DC89. I mean just read usernames people!

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I hadn’t even thought about Lex. I’m pretty sure he’d sabotage himself (and the gifts) somehow, by like making them all secretly killer robots or something. Or giving everyone in the world smartwatches that are powered by kryptonite.