Who Would Win? Raven vs. Captain Marvel

Welcome to our theoretical thunderdome, where legends duke it out in loony locales with only a few atypical articles to defend themselves!

How It Works

  • Well, in short, :sparkles: magic:sparkles:!

  • Two challengers enter, but only one leaves!

  • Using ONLY 3 objects they will fight it out within a foreign location all pre-set by… someone… something? No one knows.

It’s up to YOU to determine how it all goes down - the hows and the whys of Who Would Win?

This week’s competitors are…

Raven vs. Captain Marvel

Their available weapons?

  1. A backscratcher!

  2. A safe, like, a big one.

  3. Four books, just four.

Where will they throw these fantastic fisticuffs?

  • The back lot of a gas station convenience store.

Pick your winner via poll below and elaborate on the play-by-play of your match-up in the comments! We want the details!

  • Raven
  • Captain Marvel

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…what kind of books?


A good question, as usual.

Two hefty tomes in non-English, but Earthen languages, one in some sort of alien graphics, and the last one is in somewhat familiar runes… but is of course all healing spells. :man_shrugging:

I dunno what to make of them, but maybe your chosen hero can figure it out. :wink:


Captain Marvel’s key advantages in this fight:

  • Being substantially more powerful than his opponent.
  • Being able to say his own name (alright, Raven can do that too).
  • A sweet cape.
  • Not being a committed pacifist.

Captain Marvel’s durability probably can be effed with by Raven, flight probably isn’t a huge advantage. But super strength is probably his biggest asset in this match up since Raven is fairly frail and usually fights at a distance or in support. One or two punches in and she might be out.

Raven’s teleportation skill is probably her biggest asset. She might be able to dance around him, mess with him with magic and screw around with his emotions until he’s down.

So yeah close quarters fight Captain Marvel has this fight in the bag easy. Big area Raven has a decent shot.


Our two heroes eye each other carefully. Eyebrows are raised. Throats are cleared.
With her slightly demonic voice Raven says: So…wanna read a book?
Captain Marvel: "Yes, please. I was really scared you wanted to fight! Hey, look a large safe to sit it on. "
Raven: Cool. Hey, your back looks scratchy. Here.


You know my answer.



Key weapon- books.

Based on the premise that Captain Marvel is a kid, and kids hate reading, Raven won’t have to fight for reading. Since this is Animated Teen Titans Raven, and she is known for a lot of reading, that will be to her advantage.

Raven + reading= her imminent victory.


Here’s what I picture in my head. At first Raven gets the slight upper hand by making a distraction of the books and back scratcher. Then out of nowhere she launches the safe at him sending Captain Marvel through the back wall of the gas station store. Shaking off the debris Captain Marvel looks around to find a bunch of candy inside the gas station, and having the same desires as a child eats all of it. Raven is kind of in shock that in the middle of a fight Captain Marvel is shoving his face full of candy. But then sugar rush kicks in and Captain Marvel goes wild and beats the crap out of Raven.


Love Raven, but gotta give it to Cap Mar…er… Shazam… here. He’s got that speed/strength factor, and I think once Raven’s emphatic connection picks up he’s a little kid under there, she’s gonna hesitate. Also, lighting and a gas station is an …ugly mix. …


Raven could just teleport him into in inescapable dimension lol, so I’ll give to her!


Holy Moley! As of right now, there’s 32 votes here and we’re completely tied up. That’s crazy!


Sorry for necroposting but this all depends on this 1 thing, which Raven are we talking about.
If normal then Shazam would win this because of his speed. If we are speaking of any other Raven then easily Raven, she is able to use all her powers to their fullest with Trigon. Other version the white one she is an ultimate force of good, also aforementioned Portals like Jay said.


Hey @dresden.faulkner.21212! Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your stay here and hope to see you around!


Interesting, I was just thinking about this regarding Mary Marvel vs Raven matchup for Meta Madhouse and while Raven has a lot of power via Trigon’s dimension, Captain (or Mary) Marvel has 6 Olympians to draw from. And frankly Trigon vs Ares would be a tough match on its own. So 6 Olympians vs Raven, either of the Marvel’s has strength, speed, wisdom and battle tactics on their side and they are all being used via Magic. Advantage Captain (or Mary) Marvel.