Who Would Win? Poison Ivy vs. Harley Quinn

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

Love is in the air! No matter your opinion on February’s sweetest holiday, why don’t you join us in postulating how these love birds would fare in a battle? It’s nature vs. nutty this week!

Poison Ivy vs. Harley Quinn

Who do you think would win in this matchup? How would they do it? Vote and comment below!

  • Poison Ivy
  • Harley Quinn

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Even if I want Harley to win, in a fair match without giving a chance for Harley to set some trap or get outside help, like a device or a flamethrower. She is always gonna lose agains Ivy, well… Harley can use her puppy eyes lol


This one is tougher than you might think. Unleashed at her full power, Poison Ivy is one of the most formidable metahumans on the entire planet. (See: Tom King’s “Everyone Loves Ivy.”) There have been some heavy indications that she’s being groomed to eventually become the next Avatar of the Green after Swamp Thing, and that ain’t nothin’.

That said: Ivy’s affection for Harley Quinn may be her greatest weakness. As a matter of the heart, this match-up might as well be Superman vs. Kryptonite. Harley wins.


If you’re bringing emotions into it, you could also argue that Harley wouldn’t want to hurt Ivy either. W/ these matchups, I always assume they’re no-holds-barred fights that are just based on skill/power


You could argue that, but I feel Harley is both less inhibited when it comes to hurting the people she cares about, and more personally conflicted about those feelings. Also, I fundamentally disagree with that methodology. Once you take the emotion and characterization out of it, what’s even the point?

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Looks like it’s me against everyone else on this poll. Oh, well. That’s just the burden of always being right sometimes.

If there’s a clear story behind the fight, then yeah, I think emotion and characterization are definitely a big factor. In matchups like these, though, that’s not present, so I usually just simplify it to whose abilities give them the advantage. Even narrowing it down like that, I still think there’s usually a lot to take into consideration that can make the matchup interesting

I’m so mad at u @BestBeastBoy. How dare u make me choose between 2 of my lovelies. That said. I gotta go Ivy. Just b/c Harley would go ape**** then tire out. Or she wouldn’t, & Ivy could use a calming herb, or potion or anything from the “green” she wants to. Wrap her up with green, soothe her with green, beat her with green. Gotta go Ivy.



Bows dramatically.

My work here is done~


HaHa. You even made me refer to them as my lovelies in a fit of anger. Now I feel unclean.

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Honestly, even if Ivy were holding back, I’m not quite certain how she’d actually go about losing.