Who Would Win? Marvel Family vs. Superman Family

At first, I was thinking Marvel Family, as their magic would win out, but others make a good point their magic really just make them equivalent to Kryptonians, it doesn’t weaken them. In the few comic clashes between them the Marvel Family blows to not do much more damage than other super strong blows. The idea of Superman tricking them into saying Shazam seems unlikely due to the wisdom of Solomon. Therefore it would come down to grit and experience, and perhaps time. I am unaware of the Marvel Family needs to eat and sometimes Superman’s family members don’t. Also sometimes The Marvel Family splits their power among themselves.So I’m leaning toward Superman’s family and the advantage Heat Vision gives them.But then I recall, that potentially there can be an unlimited number of Marvels, and they can sometimes shot magic lightning, which may be more effective than their strength against Superman’s Family.
However, I will make my pick based on the picture of the two families, and one of the Superman Family has the old gods power which trumps everyone else, so Superman it is.