who would win in a fight?

red arrow vs robin

Do you mean in Young Justice? Because if so, we haven’t really seen Tim in action enough to get a clear answer. Assuming his capabilities are roughly similar to Comic Tim, Roy/Will is the more experienced fighter and specializes in ranged weapons, so I think he has a fairly clear advantage.

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Red arrow

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Depends. Which Robin?

Yarp and which Red Arrow?

I think Thea would murder any Robin teehee

@Gibbs Between the Tim Drake Robin and Thea, I’d bet on Drake. Love the Drake!

Depends on which red arrow and which robin.

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Like other people, it depends on which Robin you’re talking about. Roy Harper/Arsenal, is not only an expert marksman, but he’s also very good street fighter who can throw down some serious brawling with even the most experienced big bads without hesitation. I guess he figures, hey, I’ve died once. What’s the worst they can do to me? Kill me again?

Tim Drake is good in fight, of course, but his best skill is his superior intellect along with his training with Batman. He can size up people’s weaknesses by his ability to see how a person moves, along with which part of his or her body has been previously injured, and therefore instinctively protected.

Dick Grayson, the original Robin, was trained by Batman, and developed his own style of fighting based on his acrobatic training and speed. That says it all, as far as I’m concerned. Yes, I’m a serious Robin/Nightwing fan!

And then, there’s my least favorite Robin, that bratty son of Bruce Wayne, Damien. The kid was trained by his mother, Talia, his grandfather, the “Demon’s Head”, Ra’s Al Ghul, and his father, Bruce Wayne, so he’s an excellent fighter. But he’s also impetuous and arrogant. He believes he’s the best fighter in the world, and rushes into battles without observing and knowing what kind of opponents he’s dealing with. And he doesn’t learn from his mistakes the way his predecessors did. If he did, he wouldn’t keep repeating those same ones, expecting different results every time.

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I dunno, I will point out its been confirmed Roy surpassed his mentor (Green Arrow) in terms of skills and even joining JL teams. Grayson has been less successful at that. I dunno if he’s even beaten Bats in a fight (though Bats is better than GA in terms of skills and gadgets anyway) I think both Nightwing and Roy have successfully ambushed each other during their occasional spats, I dunno about a fair fight.

I think in the TT cartoon they fought and Robin won, but of course that’s elseworlds

In my world, they would do like Green Arrow and Hawkman did in their Silver Age - Justice League rivalry days, talk a lot of smack to each other, then go out and get drunk, and sing ‘How Dry I Am’ arm-in-arm, while Black Canary proclaims, "I’ve heard of burying the hatchet, but I didn’t think they would drown it, too! :slight_smile:

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