Who Would Win in a fight.

Comment who you think would win in a fight.

  1. Solomon Grundy vs Swamp thing
  2. Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis vs Nightwing
  3. Suicide Squad vs Batman Inc.
  4. Super-Girl vs Wonder Woman
  5. Green Arrow vs Black Canary
  6. Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis vs Batman Beyond Tim Drake
  7. Bruce Wayne vs Donald Trump (Both of their superpowers are money.):joy:

1: Swamp Thing. Grundy can always bounce back, but he’s never been as powerful as Swamp Thing.
2: Possibly Terry. Not especially familiar with Batman Beyond, but he’s got more advanced technology to rely on.
3: The DCAU told us the answer to this fight in two words: “Rich boy.”
4: I still say Supergirl’s raw power makes the difference in skill level irrelevant. Though, Diana’s power level is really inconsistent, so some versions probably could win this. Still, while I might buy that Wonder Woman might be able to match Supergirl for pure strength, I don’t think she can keep up with a Kryptonian’s speed or ancillary powers.
5: Black Canary, easy. Not even any contest unless it’s Connor Hawke. He might have a chance if he can somehow get the drop on her and quickly disable her Canary Cry, but even on pure martial arts skills that’s gonna be a really rough fight. Ollie would go down before he even knew what was happening.
6: Given that this matchup equalizes the tech, I’m gonna go with Tim. Ever since they graduated him from the Robin role, his main distinguishing factor has been that he’s the Bat-Family’s second-best detective and strategic mind, going on actual best, on top of being one of their tech people. So, he’s going to be able to understand that technology better and use it more strategically.
7: I’m gonna say discretion is the better part of valor and not answer this question.


1.)Swamp Thing, he’s way more powerful and intelligent than Solomon Grundy

2.)Nightwing, he’s had more training and experience than Terry

3.)Batman Inc., it vastly outnumbers the Suicide Squad and not many B or C list villains could survive for long against an army of Batmen with their advanced training and crazy technology

4.)Wonder Woman, she’s more of a skilled warrior than Supergirl and she can use magic, which Supergirl is weak to

5.)Black Canary, Green Arrow is good, but she’s got powers that can disorient an archer and possibly interrupt the course of arrows, plus she’s good at hand to hand combat

6.)Tim Drake beats Terry, once again, experience and training

7.)Bruce Wayne. Donald Trump, while incredibly rich, doesn’t have nearly as much money as Bruce Wayne, who also happens to have trained himself to become BATMAN. I don’t think any ordinary person could fight Batman without losing really bad.

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