Who Would Win In a Fight? And Why?

Listed below are some iconic matchups. You are to determine who would win and why.

  1. Batman or Superman

  2. Supergirl or Wonder Woman

  3. Nightwing or Damien

  4. Green Lantern or The Flash

  5. Lex Luthor or The Joker

  1. Superman
  2. WW.
  3. Flash

My answers would vary very much depending in we are factoring in the comic book sales plot armor effect or not, but ignoring that and going by theoretical perfect fights on both parts:

  1. Superman - Batman wouldn’t last a second.

  2. Tough one - but Supergirl. My current instinct is that Kryptonian speed is faster than Amazonian. Kara would probably be able to outpace any attack Diana could throw until she found a way to win, either by heat vision or irradiating the entire earth going after nuke stockpiles or whatever it would take to bring down Diana.

  3. No clue really. They are both well trained. Feels like a coin toss. Giving it to Damian based on the cheap shot he won with in Injustice.

  4. Flash. Speed is just too powerful and he is the fastest. Lantern could never catch up to him. Ultimately Flash could just a find a way to time travel and kill him/her as a child.

  5. Luthor, because billion dollar tech, armor and weaponry beats basement weaponry put inside comedic delivery systems.

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Here are my answers:

  1. Batman or Superman

BATMAN - He has a vault of all sorts of kryponites and he always go in with a plan. While Superman might be able to overpower him, Batman has way more tools and gadgets to play with. One hit from a kryptonite weapon or just kryptonite would power down superman to where he would rely on his fighting skills which is little to none compared to Batman. Plus Batman is Batman.

  1. Supergirl or Wonder Woman

WONDER WOMAN - While Supergirl is very powerful, Wonder Woman is the Queen of the Amazons and is trained from birth to defeat people like Supergirl. She’s defeated gods such as Ares and Hades and has fought and defeated many DC powerhouses including Batman and Superman. She also has fewer weaknesses than Kara and could power her down using kryponite and then wooping her butt. Her lasso is also extremely powerful and could assist during the fight in bringing Supergirl down.

  1. Nightwing or Damien

NIGHTWING - Nightwing is more experienced and while Damien has trained with the League of Shadows and Batman, Nightwing has had more experience fighting alongside Bruce by taking down foes such as Mr Freeze, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Deathstroke, and even Ra’s Al Ghul. He is also more in control when he fights while Damien is very much all over the place and much more wild. Still, I could see some scenarios where Damien would win.

  1. Green Lantern or The Flash

THE FLASH - While Green Lantern has one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy and can conjure anything he can think of, Flash is faster than the speed of light and would be able to react faster than GL can think. He also has the Speed Force on his side and could go back in time before the match even began to use the knowledge to his advantage. He also is able to create time remnants to assist during the fight as well.

  1. Lex Luthor or The Joker

THE JOKER - While Luthor does have his suit of armor and is very smart, Joker in many ways is just as smart as Lex. The difference is Joker is a psychopath and would be able to think of something that even Lex wouldn’t be able to think of. He is so much of a wildcard that it would be almost impossible to strategize and predict how the Joker would approach the fight. He could bait Luthor into an arena and have a ticking time bomb waiting for him to step defeating Luthor before the battle even started. Joker is also much more likely to cheat than Lex which would also make his moves even more unpredictable as while Lex is getting ready, Joker could rig the suit to explode or simply play mind games until Lex gets frustrated and gives up.

1: Superman, barring extensive time to plan ahead on Batman’s part. Even that only gives Batman a fair chance, not a guaranteed win. Bruce may be a genius strategist, but Clark is one of the most powerful heroes on the planet and no idiot himself.

2: This is certainly closer. I’m going to tentatively say Supergirl. Wonder Woman’s got an edge in experience, but the Kryptonian powerset is very hard to counter, particularly if you can’t match their speed or reflexes. I’m calling it 60/40 odds in Kara’s favor.

3: Nightwing is more experienced, smarter, faster, better-trained, better-connected, better at improvising, and handsomer. However, Damian could overcome these formidable obstacles with the careful exploitation of Nightwing’s greatest weakness: falling over onto a rock.

4: Basically, it depends on who sees the other one first. I guess I’d give the edge to the Flash since he can vibrate through or dodge around Green Lantern’s constructs, but I guess Green Lantern could just fly into space and snipe at the Flash from there (especially if it’s John Stewart), and the Flash’s powerset doesn’t give him a way to counter that other than just keep dodging.

5: Neither is much of a fighter in his own right, all things considered. Luthor has power armor, and the Joker has… what? A gun? Lapel flower acid? A battle of wits may be closer (Luthor still wins, though), and the Joker has demonstrated his ability to ambush or outnumber theoretically superior combatants (which I guess we can say means advantage for the Joker with prep time), but there’s no real comparison in a straight physical fight. If you take Luthor’s power armor away, it flips, because you’ve got a homicidal maniac with a body count higher than most people’s annual salaries vs. a guy who’s greatest weapon is an MBA. They both still tend to shine with schemes, inventions, and preying on those weaker than they are, though. Probably the only way this fight is necessarily fair is if you pit them against one another in an evil-scheme-off. Maybe a race to see who can kill their respective hero faster? They’d both lose that.

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