Who Would Win In a Fight? And Why?

Listed below are some iconic matchups. You are to determine who would win and why.

  1. Batman or Superman

  2. Supergirl or Wonder Woman

  3. Nightwing or Damien

  4. Green Lantern or The Flash

  5. Lex Luthor or The Joker


Here’s my answers:

  1. Batman or Superman

BATMAN - He has literally a vault filled with all kinds of kryptonite, he always enters a fight with a plan, and he’s Batman.

  1. Supergirl or Wonder Woman

WONDER WOMAN - While Supergirl is pretty powerful depending on which version we’re talking about, Wonder Woman is the Queen of the Amazons and is trained from birth to fight people like Supergirl. She also has more experience and has fewer weaknesses now that the bondage thing has been reckoned.

  1. Nightwing or Damien

NIGHTWING - While Damien is still a lethal force, Nightwing has more experience and better training. Damien is also very wild when he fights while Nightwing is more in control and therefore is going to be more purposeful with his attacks.

  1. Green Lantern or The Flash

THE FLASH - While The Green Lantern does have ultimate power with his ring and can create things using his will, he is only as fast as his mind can process. The Flash can run faster than the Green Lantern can think and can anticipate his every move. He also has access to the Speed Force and if necessary can wind back time to before the match even began and adjust his moves accordingly to secure the win.

  1. Lex Luthor or The Joker

THE JOKER - While Lex is definitely a genius and his intellect could meet the match of many, The Joker is much more lethal with his attacks and is also just as smart in his own psychotic way. He is also so much of a wildcard when he fights that his moves can sometimes be unpredictable for even a genius such as Lex.


Batman - always has prep time
Wonder woman - is a better fighter than bats confirmed by Bruce and the magic lasso sword and whateves
Nightwing - in current continuity is the best fighter in the super hero community
Green lantern - the possibility of taking flash in a construct or busting some wack stuff
Lex - his intelligect is freaking scary

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I’ll spot Batman a years prep time and Superman will still crush him without breaking a sweat. People act as if Big Blues a dummy… Wrong! Give him enough prep time, along with his powers and he can easily take out the bat.

Enough said!

Kara vs Diana would be a long, and destructive battle. I’ll give the edge to the Amazon due to experience. Kara s best chance would be to take Diana out quickly. I just don’t see that happening.

Nightwing takes out Damien due to experience, speed and size.I

If The Flash is Wally then Flash takes down any GL. Wally is literally the fastest human to ever live. When taps into the speedforce there might not be anyone who could beat him. GL wins over Barry Flash due to cop mentality and experience. Sure Barry’s a cop too, but there’s a BIG difference between a street cop and CSI.

Lex out thinks and out smarts the Joker. Like Supergirl and Wonder Woman, Jokers only shot is to take down Lex instantly. If the battle goes the distance Lex out classes Mr. J in Every way.


This thread deserves more love

Okay, here are my winners:

  1. Superman
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Nightwing
  4. Flash (I agree with DCCOMICSINCRISIS, Wally beats any GL)
  5. Lex
    It’s all “ifs” for Batman to take down Supes. Not buying it. He’s already punched Darkseid (REALLY?). So let’s just ship him off to earth 616 so he can polish off Thanos, Galalatus and The Beyonder. This Batman beats everyone nonsense has got to stop.
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@baseballmaniac01.45870, LMAO Preach it, brother! I don’t think there’s a post I’ve ever agreed with more.

  1. Superman
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Nightwing
  4. Green Lantern
  5. Lex Luthor
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Superman beats Batman because of the nature of Superman. Bats is my fav but even with the justice buster armor he’s gotta close the distance with Superman and he’s just not fast enough.

WW beats Supergirl due to experience strategy. Kara just hasn’t seen enough battle to outsmart or overpower WW.

In no universe does Damien beat Dick Grayson. Dick is easily Batmans best protige with Tim being a close second. Nightwing a speed and power make it a no brainier.

Barry Allen flash VS Hal Jordan GL I give it to flash. GL can’t hit what he can’t see and doesn’t have the ability to perceive flash’s movements. Hal has the experience over Barry but I think flash would just wear him down.


Lex VS joker is a tough one. Lex is a genius tho so I think he would win. Joker is Savage and brutal but more is needed to beat luthor. Not to mention luthors tech gives him a huge advantage over the joker. But the characters are so different that it doesn’t even seem like a good vs to be honest

  1. Superman
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Damien
  4. Green Lantern
  5. Lex

Let me throw out another “who wins” and give Big Blue AND Batman some real competition.

So, who wins …
… Apollo and Midnighter or Superman and Batman?

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Lex Luther

  1. Batman takes it. I can’t remember the last time it was done in cannon, but Batman has the ability with his genius intellect to do it. He’s a master tactician. Superman has morals. Supes has beaten Batman fairly easily, but with everything surrounding the 2, Batman has more up his arsenal. I’m surprised he hasn’t in recent cannon yet. Come on writers, he has the win…get on it.

  2. Wonder Woman wins. She has experience and has already went toe to toe with Superman.

  3. Nightwing. He already beat Damien.

  4. Flash wins. Green Lantern (Hal, I presume?) wouldn’t see the Flash take the ring from his finger. At this point, it is a meta human vs. powerless human being showdown.

  5. Joker takes it. Joker is completely unpredictable. Batman has no problem taking down Lex, but can’t keep the clown down long enough to smell the flowers? Genius intellect and all…if Batman has trouble with Joker, Lex would definitely have trouble with Joker’s tricks and gags. I’m going with the Clown Prince of Crime for the upset.

@LonelyLobo Lol. That would be a helluva showdown('s)

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The only way Batman beats Superman (and no it’s not freakin’ prep time) is with supreme stealth. Superman can’t see it coming. But good luck with that, Bats since the dude can hear everything.

1: With a surprise attack pre-calculated to target Superman’s weaknesses, Batman could give himself a better-than-even chance of winning, but ultimately Superman is one of the most powerful beings on the planet and Batman is literally just some guy. The fact that this fight keeps happening and Batman keeps winning actually seriously cheapens Batman’s victories since it makes him look even more overpowered than Superman, just in a different and less plausible way.

2: This is actually a bit closer. Wonder Woman is actually strong enough to POTENTIALLY do some damage in a straight-up brawl with a Kryptonian, and Supergirl is younger and less experienced than her cousin. Still, Supergirl is just a lot faster and stronger, and so I think it would take some impressive reflexes on Diana’s part to match that. I’d weigh the odds slightly, but not overwhelmingly, in Supergirl’s favor.

3: Nightwing is more experienced, faster, and more agile. Also, he’s vastly smarter and more likable.

4: Honestly, it depends on which of them sees the other first. John Stewart showed us that you can fire ring blasts accurately across a distance of hundreds of light years. If he can do that, then even Hal, Kyle, or one of the others could shoot accurately from, say, orbit. At that point, the Flash has no way of getting into space to fight back. Sure, he can dodge easily enough, but he’s got to stop at some point, and then he’ll get hit. On the other hand, if a GL is just hanging out on Earth and the Flash comes at him, he’s going to be down before he knows what’s happening, because the Flash is just that fast. And I suppose that in the first scenario, the Flash could always go back in time to start the fight before Green Lantern went into space, so I guess by that measure I’d give the advantage to the Flash? Alan Scott would probably beat Jay Garrick, though.

5: I mean, if they just kind of met up and started punching each other? Neither is a particularly accomplished martial artist or anything like that. If Luthor’s got his power armor, he wins. If not, he doesn’t, because at least the Joker is fairly dangerous with a gun or knife. Now, if it’s more of a battle of wits and resources, the Joker is sufficiently unpredictable that he could be a serious threat to Lex, but I still don’t know that he’d actually win. That might legitimately be a stalemate, since while the Joker might not be able to win, he’s also hard to conclusively defeat. He doesn’t really value anything other than himself, so Lex can’t claim victory by stopping his plans or breaking his toys, and he’s too slippery to kill or permanently capture.

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Superman -
As shown during the Maxwell Lord comic arc Batman can’t beat Superman if Superman gets serious. If he’s not holding back Superman can cross thousands of miles and hit him before Batman can enact any plans. Every time Batman has won in the comics it has been both non-canon and deus ex machina. In DKR Superman was holding back and he’d just been hit by a nuke and the sun was blotted out.

Supergirl -
Wonder Woman is great, but she just can’t keep up with Supergirl’s raw speed advantage. This has been shown in the comics too. Diana would have to catch her while she’s distracted, just like she had to catch Supes.

Nightwing -
They’ve fought. Nightwing won. ‘Nuff said.

Green Lantern -
Barry can’t phase through constructs and has a problem dealing with fliers. This also depends on which Green Lantern.

Lex Luthor -
Joker is great, but Lex just brings better toys. Joker ha no way to deal with Lex’s Superman-level powered armor.

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1, Batman. Generally? I think fans know what I’m going to say. Preparation. If he knows who and what he is dealing with then he will find the right ways to take advantage. He too smart to just present himself for execution and too crazy to have the rational fear that people would think that he should have. Specifically? It’s already happened more than once. Don’t think JL:War. That was Hal’s fault and we don’t know that he didn’t have a green rock and simply restrained his crazy self. Think TDK Returns pt 2 or even BVS or what I think is the real answer. Devastator Batman. Now we know. Not only is he always toting Kryptonite but he is also carrying a mutated version of the Doomsday virus just in case his bestie needs killing. Also, Bruce has mastered that virus better than Lex ever has. That mentality and execution is why.

2, Supergirl. From what I understand Wonder Woman can be stabbed to death. Kara Zor El used to be a Red Lantern. I bring that up because I feel like she will need to draw on every bit of that experience as a Red and as Supergirl to get Diana off of her. If stabbing her were not an option than Kara would lose badly in my opinion but she is going to get her on shots in. 1 of them will either send the warrior princess into a sharp object or Kara will eventually do the deed. Basically even though Wonder Woman is probably much harder to beat she’s not much harder to kill. She can’t hold back. Not against big bad wonder woman. She’s going to have enough trouble avoiding being bound up in that indestructible lasso that would make her tell on herself. She can’t hold back not against the big bad Amazon and I suspect that the Kryptonian is faster.

3, Nightwing. Why? It happened already. Son of Batman. Damian is a much better character in my opinion but Grayson was trained by Bruce. Damien was trained Al Ghoul.

4, Flash. You didn’t even tell me which GL and which flash but that’s ok. The answer is still the same unless they are in open space and you didn’t say that so I won’t assume it. The reason is similar to Injustice 2 game storyline. Barry and Wally move and think faster than John or Hal’s brain is capable of functioning. When their only hope is a thought based weapon that’s an unsolvable problem. The entire corps couldn’t deal with Clark primarily because of his speed. Barry and Wally are both faster than him in mind and body. Unless their in the vacuum of open space the lantern loses.

5, Joker. For the same reason he is such a problem for Batman. Let’s stick to when Batman has Joker cornered for this example so that the 3 Joker thing doesn’t come into play. He drives Bats batty because despite his “powers” of “super” preparation and his “super” ability to take advantage. (Yes, I’m using those words power and super very “loosely”.) Joker is “super” unpredictable and like Lex he is a genius too. Lex is probably smarter since I remember it being said that he’s 1 of the top 3 intelligences on their planet. Joker isn’t in that short list but Bruce is and he gives Bruce fits. Thanks to Luthor’s ego his head us usually exposed in his battle suit. Sooner or later Mr. J is going to get him with that toxin and gas Luthor or get em with that acid flower or electrocute him with the buzzer or stab him… A lot or shoot him down with a cannon or feed him to something or bomb him, etc. It’ll be a surprise and he will laugh.

I couldn’t choose on the other ones all I know is Batman and joker because Batman is Batman and the joker is crazy and illogical and Luther doesn’t know him how Batman does so his intelligence wouldn’t get him that far. And wonder women and supergirl would tie because WW bracelets and supergirls bullet proof skin would cancel out. Wonder women’s lasso and supergirl s speed would cancel out and they probably have about the same amount of strength. And supergirls heat vision and freeze breath would be canceled out by WW bracelets.