Who Would Win? Harley Quinn vs. Harley Quinn

Animated Harley broke a leg in like the first two minutes of her show. lol


The real one

I don’t plan on watching either, but I have watched Suicide Squad. Would that version be option 3 or part of BoP?

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This is the best answer!!

Animated Harley definitely has a higher body count…she can be ruthless and she has love to drive her! And we all know love always triumphs :heart::black_heart:>:heart::blue_heart:

3rd option: they become besties and serve out mayhem together all over town.


Love in White knight the OG Harley gets into it with the new one I thought it was fun an I enjoy the line


Sorry it’s a tie for me. Animated series has a lot of violence and profanity which has been huge cause for the hard r rating style of content. But, Margot has broken and stole our hearts and the guys legs, not to mention she fed Bruce the rescue owner and was almost gonna give the kid over to erase the debt she caused. So yeah anyway you slice it harls kicks :leg: butt.


I like this idea

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Harley in TAS defeated a lot of Batman’s Rogues, even Joker when even Batman couldn’t

Harley Quinn in the Animated Series is the equivalent of the RPG character who is an Nth level in every characteristic imaginable on the attributes profile and Margot Robbie’s version, as much as i absolutely adore her as Harley is the character who has just been created by a first-time player and has only base level skills. :harleybathqtas: :harley_delicioushqtas: :harley_smilehqtas:


Yes, and in a fight between the Mortal Kombat Scorpion and Marvels Scorpion, Scorpion wins. And also a fight between DC’s Scarecrow and Marvel’s Scarecrow, Scarecrow wins.

Animated Harley by a landslide

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Secret option 4: they end up in bed together.

The truth is that the psychics in HQ Animated are far less than alive-action HQ. So I who would win in who’s environment. Live action HQ would fare much better in animated because of reduced things like gravity. Where as animated HQ would have a distinct disadvantage in a live action earth.

Also a slight edge to live action HQ because she is more adept at finding and integrating items from the worid around her as part of her combat style.


It’s a bit of a controversial choice, but I’m giving this one to Harley Quinn. Why stop at just two, though? Bring on all the Harleys for a Harley Battle Royale.


It won’t play

@giajolie984.27.27 Are you accessing DCU with your phone? :open_mouth: I can’t get videos to play when I use my phone (which is 99% of the time); so I usually have to search the video manually.


@giajolie984.27.27 and @Hiraeth sometimes if you just click on the title of the video that is what allows the video to play. It might redirect you to another page or tab for it to start playing if you are using the website for DC Universe.

Edit: Ah, now I also tried it on my phone as well. In clicking on the title it takes you entirely out of the app. I did see it was also not playing for me initially as it was just a blank screen for the video, but upon refreshing the page with the video it did start to play.

Hope this helps. :superman_hv_4:

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The Harley from SS is the same Harley from BoP.

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There are some differences. BoP snorts crack, not sure if SS version does. Plus, I’m thinking like DC Legends where new outfits result in new characters.

Edit: Plus, the poll says BoP HQ, not DCEU or Margot Robbie’s HQ. Maybe semantics, but blame the fragment of lawyer blood in me.

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