Who Would Win? Catwoman vs. Wildcat

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

This week’s matchup is between two of the most skilled cat-themed fighters in the DC Multiverse-Catwoman and Wildcat!

Selina Kyle is a master jewel thief and occasional hero. She’s a skilled martial artist and gymnast and uses a range of customized weapons, including a whip.

Yolanda Montez was the goddaughter of the first Wildcat, and developed superpowers after her mother was experimented on while pregnant with her. In addition to being a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, she is superhumanly agile and fights with claws.

If these two cat characters were to come to blows, which one would be standing when the dust cleared? Let us know who you think it would be and why, below!

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  • Catwoman
  • Wildcat

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Whenever there’s a battle between a mortal who is insanely good at something and a being with enhanced or supernatural skills at that same thing you have to side with the latter. As good as Catwoman is Wildcat is literally a superpowered being. Her claws aren’t part of a costume, they’re part of her. Her agility and reflexes are not trained skills they’re natural instincts and traits.

Wildcat wins this one.


I went with Catwoman for the simple reason that she has gone head to head with Batman, and she has been at this longer than Wildcat.


I’d say Catwoman. More agile and can get in your head. Ted has brute force and isn’t stupid but I still think has that crafty edge to her to out smart him and win.


Funnny I did this last year with Catwoman in the lead, now it’s Wildcat! :laughing:


When I was writing this up I thought Catwoman would be the clear choice, but Wildcat would be hard to beat, I think. :slight_smile:


I think it would be a really close match, but I went with Catwoman, because reasons (most of which are because I don’t know much about Wildcat other than the Stargirl show).


If it’s a fight without weapons then it’s very close to call on who wins… :thinking:

Although, if Catwoman and Wildcat do have access to their weapons I think because she has gone toe to toe with Batman she would surprise Wildcat and take the victory. :catwoman_hv_1:


Well, I was going to say Wildcat when I saw the headline, cause Ted Grant is just too tough to lose, but now that it’s the female wildcat, a pause is needed for more consideration. Both are skilled hand to hand fighters , though Yolanda has superhuman agility and real claws. Though one thing that often gets overlooked with Selena is her strategic thinking and planning ability which combined with the fact that Selena, is probably the dirtier fighter though, and as such, I would give her a slight edge, maybe 53 wins out of a 100. So Catwoman it is.


oh wait. @Green.Lantern is it Yolanda or Ted fighting Catwoman?



Hope this helps. :sunglasses: :+1:


I think this makes it harder :joy:


Selena was trained by the first Wildcat so I imagine her and Yolanda would be pretty Toe to toe but I think Selena would win just because She has more experience.


As always, depends on the writer, and how his (or her editor) is leaning. Both could come out on top, depending on circumstances. Selena has the experience, Montez, the raw power. I’m goin’ to say Batman breaks up this “misunderstanding” and calls it a draw. :grin:

Now Wildcat against Cheetah, that’s a more 50/50 match up. Any takers?


Catwoman, as she is faster, stronger, can strike harder (Selina has 15 lbs on her), and a more experienced and (when compared to Stargirl TV show the one I am familiar with) brutal fighter. Wildcat II comics likely had the edge on agility but also likely not much given Catwoman has peak human agility and speed. She is fast enough to react to and knock out three mind-controlled Flash’s (Green lantern can knock out a mind-controlled flash in Justice League(cartoon) without the ring, and that’s fine, Catwoman who is a better more agile and fighter does it with three, that makes sense to me). Well, Wildcat is the one with the actual cat-powers I give it to Selina.


The New Wildcat would Bring some Moxie; However the Edge would have to go to Catwoman for Her Cunning, Experience, and More Weapons.