Who Would Win? Catwoman vs. Batman

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

We’re celebrating :catwoman_hv_3: Catwoman’s 80th Anniversary :catwoman_hv_3:! This cat burglar is iconic in so many ways, and I hope you join us in celebrating her!

For our purposes, we’ll be tossing our pawsome sometimes hero, sometimes… not, against the great Batman himself! Between the various timelines, on again/off again sort of situations, and more recent developments, these two have had their share of… history.

So let’s see which of these two would win in a tussle! What do you think? How would your choice win?

Catwoman vs. Batman

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  • Catwoman
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Eh. Catwoman can handle herself better than most in a fight under normal circumstances, but she’s a thief first and foremost. She just doesn’t train or equip for combat the way Batman does.

Now, if it were some sort of contest of general sneakiness, that would be a much harder call.


Is Batman a better fighter than Catwoman? Undoubtedly. But in a specific match between these two, Selina has the gift when it comes to pushing her enemy’s buttons. I’m voting on her.


Over the decades, Catwoman has typically avoided arrest because of the stirrings she gives Batman in his utility belt, not because she out-fought or outran him. He often lets her go, but she doesn’t really “win” the fight in the process.

Michelle Pfeiffer could take Michael Keaton, though.


Batman could take Catwoman easy under most conditions but he might let her win under some circumstances.


I think the toughest thing with this one is taking the feelings into account, for sure!


Bat would win in skill but Cat does have that manipulation she used many time on bats successfully. But I feel it’s been so long they know each other’s skills and mind games which would narrow it down to straight forward combat making bats win.


Oh goodness, this one is tough!

I think @BatJamags put it best, Catwoman just isn’t trained for that kind of combat. She’s definitely a skilled fighter and is a lot tougher than people give her credit for, but a fair fight with Batman just wouldn’t be in her favor. She’s a thief first, all other skills are secondary.

That said, others have pointed out Selina’s ability to manipulate Bruce and that’s an excellent point. As much willpower as Bruce has, he’s only human.

Ultimately, though, I am reluctantly siding with Batman.


Another thing that we shouldn’t discount: I don’t think Selina’s heart would be any more in this fight than Bruce’s. She has an advantage in their usual clashes because all she’s trying to do is get away; it’s easier for Batman to let her go than it would be for Catwoman to let herself be caught. But a fight is a more symmetrical situation. It forces both of them to summon up the will to actually hurt each other. I think they’re each other’s emotional blind spots in equal measure. So while the psychological aspect is definitely in play, I’d call it a wash.


Catwoman is a trained martial artist and has been trained by Wildcat, one of the best fighters in the world. She isn’t just a thief. She’s an exceptional fighter. I still think batman would win but she is nowhere near as weak as people make her out to be

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Agreed, neither would want to truly hurt each other.


My bats wouldn’t lose to that woman in a cat suit, they’d be too busy kissing hahahahahahahaha

Definitely not throwing any shade on Catwoman with my comment, @TheCatKnight! She is far more formidable than many people give her credit for and she’s obviously a skilled and dedicated fighter. I more meant that as a thief, a cat burglar specifically, her goal is to not fight. Her goal is to go unseen, unheard, and undetected.

I do hope I’ve explained my position a bit better because I definitely don’t want to sound like I don’t have the utmost respect for Catwoman. :heart:


Thanks for the clarification, no biggie! Yeah I understand what you mean, her goal isn’t to fight whereas with Batman that is his goal. Though Catwoman lately has been having more of a protective role whether it’s on Gotham’s East End or at Villa Hermosa, so she is definitely building those fighting skills!

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This is a tough call. I’d have to give the slightest of advantages to Batman though. Only because just like in Batman The Animated Series, if at the end of this fight, I hear Catwoman saying “I almost got him” as he does his Batman vanishing tactic. Or, conversely if Batman does catch Catwoman, he would also give her the key to ensure her escaping. :catwoman_hv_1: :batman_hv_3:

Looks like Bruce is a little upset over being left out of Meta Madhouse this year, and wants a piece of the action…

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One fact that people forget about Selina is that once she learns a move she retains it for life

Batman’s weakness is women. Bruce Wayne is referred to as a playboy. But in his heart he’s a family man. He falls in love with women. If he were more of a hit it and quit it player catwoman would have no chance. If cat woman were really intent on seriously injuring or killing him she could do it. I think it’s reasonable to believe she could get upset enough with bats to go at him with murderous intent. She is a former prostitute and criminal, after all (is that still her back story these days?)

Being a prostitute does not make one a killer, and we shouldn’t be stigmatizing sex workers. Catwoman does not kill, she was a criminal but the extent of it was being a thief. She has always saved Batman and others when they needed it. She wouldn’t kill Batman unless she sensed he was a danger to her life and even she wouldn’t

But are we sure that Frank Miller knows this? :wink:

She does kill in the 1988 Mindy Newell four-parter that appeared in the issues of Action Comics Weekly. It was the first story to build off her new origin in Year One.