Who Would Win? Bleez vs. Hal Jordan

Welcome to our theoretical thunderdome, where legends duke it out in loony locales with only a few atypical articles to defend themselves!

How It Works

  • Well, in short, :sparkles: magic:sparkles:!

  • Two challengers enter, but only one leaves!

  • Using ONLY 3 objects they will fight it out within a foreign location all pre-set by… someone… something? No one knows.

It’s up to YOU to determine how it all goes down - the hows and whys of Who Would Win?

This week’s competitors are…

Bleez vs. Hal Jordan

Their available weapons?

  1. An old flip phone

  2. Bottle of BBQ sauce

  3. Butter knife

Where will they throw these fantastic fisticuffs?

  • At a tailgate.

Pick your winner via poll below and elaborate on the play-by-play of your match-up in the comments! We want the details!

  • Bleez
  • Hal Jordan

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Hal uses the butter knife and the BBQ sauce to make it look like he’s been stabbed to death. When Bleez approaches to investigate, POW!


Changed my vote:

Initially, I went with Bleez.

As a Red Lantern, she would have the upper hand when it came to being a warrior with the typical “bloodlust”/“blood rage”.

But, Hal uses will, and if there is a will, there is a way.

I assessed that with the butter knife and figured Bleez would have the upper hand, but saw the location was a tailgate. Hal would probably be willing to party whereas all the people will infuriate Bleez, proving to be a weakness instead of a strength.

Winner: Hal.


I mean, if Bleez doesn’t get her ring, hasn’t she already lost? Red lanterns kinda need those.

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Hal beans Bleez in the noggin with the BBQ sauce (does the bottle have a guy on it that looks like Charles Grodin by chance?), then flings the butter knife into one of her wings, immobilizing her.

As Hal restrains Bleez via a containment construct, he makes a call on the flip phone to Takron Galtos, saying “This flying alien just crashed”.

Meanwhile in the distance, actor David Caruso looks upon the scene. He slips his sunglasses on, and “yow!” is heard in the background as he walks off into the horizon.