Who Would Win? Batman vs. Nightwing

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

We’ve jumped into the future and Batman Beyond Season 2 and Season 3 are remastered! Though one may not appear in this series, this week’s contestants are a tough match-up nonetheless!

Batman vs. Nightwing

Note, this is specifically Terry McGinnis’ Batman vs. Nightwing. Who do you think would win in this matchup? How would they do it? Vote and comment below!

  • Batman
  • Nightwing

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Batman got more and better gadgets then Nightwing, so I think Batman would barely win.


This was hard until I considered “Jet boots and glider wings vs glider wings.” “Flying bat-mobile vs sometimes-has-a-motorcycle” “Looks coolest vs looks cooler” “listens to Batman vs doesn’t listen to Batman” “has theme music vs doesn’t have theme music” etc


McGinnis has the upper hand with the gadgets for sure but I still think Dick would be able to navigate around it and win. Dick would certainly win in a straight up fight.


Oooh! We’re fifty/fifty right now! Suspense!


Oof. This is a NAILBITER. I think it depends on where we’re pulling each one from the time stream, if you will. Nightwing has a ton of experience, and I think he could outclass Terry at the start of his career (say, during the first couple seasons of the animated series) even with Terry’s advanced equipment. But by the time Terry fully grows into the role of Batman, I believe he eventually surpasses Nightwing. So at both their primes, Beyond wins.


@BestBeastBoy This is a really hard matchup, but I’m going to experience over gadgets. Dick has much more experience and could leverage that against Terry’s gadgets. Learning strategy from Bruce for a much longer time Dick has a slight edge. He also has fought many different adversaries at different power levels with Batman and the Teen Titans. Terry is new to the crime fighting game and has Bruce as a real-time advisor, without Bruce he has less of a chance against Dick (assuming Mano on Mano).


If both are at their individual primes, and it’s a straight-up brawl without opportunity to get to know the opponent or landscape advantages, I’d say Terry. Purely for the tech goods. If ya got him out of his suit, I’d say Dick.


I really hate to say this, but I do think this battle would come down to prep time. In my head, Bruce Wayne is Batman regardless of whether he’s in the suit or not, but Terry’s world is one that’s steeped in technology and so removing his suit takes away a big part of his character. He’s still an impressive fighter regardless of his gear, but he’s not Batman Beyond without the Beyond part.

So it’d come down to, for me, whether Nightwing had the opportunity to get his hands on similar tech. If they were fighting on equal footing, I think Nightwing would come out on top. Without that boost, though? I’m giving it to Terry.

That said, there are some excellent points in this thread. :smiley: The one about who listens to Bruce more was a great addition, @TheBatmanofNML!



Keep in mind that Dick has also been Batman (and a good/successful one). The fact that Dick chooses to be Nightwing (minus amnesia/owls in his head issues) shouldn’t be seen as a detriment in fighter comparisons. He’s considered one of the best natural fighters in DC, and he trained with Batman longer than anyone. King even ranked him higher than Bruce in terms of most skilled Bat-family fighter (although I only agree with the top half of his rankings). https://twitter.com/TomKingTK/status/833702769487917057?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^833702769487917057&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbr.com%2Fbatman-tom-king-batfamily-best-fighter%2F


I just said Nightwing b/c Terry skipped all training & went straight to being Batman. Even against Batman’s wishes & knowledge at first. While Nightwing was groomed from the start, as a child, on how to eventually become Batman. There’s something to be said about life experience. The longer you’ve been at it, the more u should know. In wrestling they call it “mat time”. The more mat time u have, the better chance u have at besting an opponent. There’s always the occasional opponent who can jump right in & use natural talent over experience. I think Nightwing has both in this match up tho.


I’m Honestly going to give this one to Nightwing. One of the best fighters in hand to hand combat. Been training under Bruce Wayne since he was nine years old. All the tips and tricks he picked up along the way, Became a better batman than Bruce Wayne and then gave it up to become Nightwing, and then moved to Blüdhaven to protect a city on his own. Technology has it’s edge… but it doesn’t beat that type of experience. Nightwing hands down.


Nightwing makes his own theme music. Lol


Nightwing. His witty banter and escrima sticks would take him down easy.


I feel like nightwing would expect all the gadget. Not saying that he would know all the gadgets terry would have but he would just be on his guard in general.


Nightwing but it could go either way


Well I thought about it in terms of experience and hands on training Dick was able to receive and just more fighting experience against villains. Where Terry was only given sims and little hands on training from batman in my opinion of course

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Real answer, they wouldn’t fight, they may tussle for a while but in the end they decide to both go grab a beer and talk about what an @$$hole the old man is


As @HubCityQuestion points out, it really depends on when. If they are both in their prime, it’s Terry.

The fact that Terry could engage in fairly decent hand to hand combat even from early in in the show. He has more raw instinct for fighting and he also has much of Bruce’s DNA. Also the suits stealth mode would give Nightwing fits. Terry also has more psychological techniques to put people off their game. After all, he took down the Joker not by physical means but by getting into his head and heckling him. Neither Dick or Bruce was ever able to do that to that extent.


Gotta give it to Batman! Even if Nightwing is at his prime the upgraded Batsuit is the slight difference maker! Still think it would be close tho

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