Who Would Win Audrey 2 or Swamp Thing

Tell me in the comments who would win Audrey 2 or swamp thing. Personally I thing Audrey 2 would win cause if he gets big enough he could probably destroy swamp thing

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Swamp Thing is able to get much, much bigger, as seen at the end of Alan Moore’s run.

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This would be a pretty fun issue, but I’m backing Swamp Thing.

I have to go with Swamp Thing on this one. Despite Audrey 2’s size, it needs to eat meat to survive and grow, however Swamp Thing is sustained by The Green and can literally draw on the power of the entire Earth’s plant matter. Despite Audrey’s alien origin, I think being on earth Swamp Thing would be able to at the very least manipulate Audrey somewhat. If that didn’t pan out Swamp Thing could always ask Poison Ivy and Frank the Plant for an assist!


Swamp Thing