Who Would Win? Adam Strange vs. Simon Baz

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

Our fight this week is between two fliers, marksmen and intergalactic travelers-Adam Strange vs. Simon Baz! If these two heroes were to face off (perhaps in some distant asteroid field or on a barren moon), who do you think would win? Let us know who and why, below!

  • Adam Strange
  • Simon Baz

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Anyone who’s a member of Green Lantern corp is a winner in my book.:slightly_smiling_face:



That’s always a good philosophy. :slight_smile:


Adam Strange is formidable, but Simon Baz is a Green Lantern. It’s hard to beat someone skilled in using a power ring! :00_lc_green_lantern:


Simon. The lantern ring gives home the win.


I’m pretty sure this fight only lasts a few seconds before there’s some sort of “wait, why are we fighting?” and they go get a drink together.


Well, Adam Strange has the experience and better training. Simon has a ring that is one of the most formidable weapons n the Univers, so one on one, I’d have to give it to any GL, now if Adam had his supporting cast and super scientist father in law, perhaps a means to temporary disable the ring, and Adam might be able to eek at a victory. But overall Simon wins.


I think between Strange is going to be the underdog of any situation that involved a Green Lantern. A jetpack and a pew-pew gun is not going to do much against a powerful wishing ring.

That said, I think if we’re talking about Simon early on, Adam might have a bit more of an advantage because of Simon’s fear and mistrust regarding his own ring. Remember, the reason why he initially packed a gun was because he was afraid that the ring would fail on him and Simon had to have a back-up. It’s possible that maybe Adam coul use that to his advantage and cause Simon’s constructs to fail, after which all Simon has left is a gun.

If we’re talking Simon past that period, however, yeah, Simon’s likely going to win.

Honestly, that’s how most hero vs hero fights would go.


Adam considers Hawkman to be his best friend. Therefore he wins.


I love Adam Strange from here to Rann and back, but Baz is the clear victor.

The ring aside, Simon has always struck me as the better hand-to-hand fighter. Drop the alien weaponry from both characters, and Simon Says that Strange will be dropped like a sack of mulch immediately afterward.

Also, Simon has Jessica Cruz for backup, along with the rest of the GLC and the members of two different Justice League teams.

Sayonara, Strange. :wave:t2:

SN: In Adam’s defense, he was a highlight among a bevy of highlights on Krypton.


Originally, I was going to say Simon Baz but this was some type of trick question and then I remembered Adam does have a lot more experience, a jet pack and 1 or 2 Laser Pistols that shoot “YELLOW” lasers !!! The last part is what’s cemented my answer.