Who would win #2

A long time ago I said every monday I would make a little question of who would win between 2 people. Obviously, I have missed all those mondays, but now, I will be consistent, and it will be every sunday around 2:30-3:30. My last one was Me Freeze vs Captain Cold if you remember. Winner: Me Freeze
This time it is Clayface vs Sandman

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If this is DC’s Golden age Sandman, Clayface will win. If this is Vertigo’s Sandman, the fight won’t even happen. If this is Marvel’s Sandman, Clayface will win.

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I was talking about Marvels

My first one was a DC vs DC
This time its DC vs Marvel
Thats the pattern it will go on, DC vs DC, then DC vs Marvel
Here and there I might add in a extra one which is Marvel vs Marvel

I’m not terribly familiar with Marvel-Sandman’s abilities, so forgive me if I’m getting them wrong, but I think Clayface has a better ability to form solid shapes and is harder to hurt (plus he’s got the shapeshifting going for him for trickery). I’m not sure how either of them would actually go about inflicting damage on one another, but I’d at least consider Clayface slightly more powerful and flexible. Depending on the version, of course. Golden Age Clayface had no powers at all, and Silver Age Clayface only seemed to use his abilities for disguise purposes, but I assume you mean modern Clayface.

Clay face in my opinion

I’m pretty sure clay face would win since he’s got more of a mud consistency and would probably still function if he got wet, sandman is rendered useless if he gets wet