Who Would Want to Watch a Harley Quinn/Deadpool Movie That Is An MCU/DCEU Crossover?

So, for years, most DC and Marvel fans have wanted to see Deadpool and Harley Quinn meet in what would be one of the funniest and bloodiest movies either companies would ever make.


So, I want to know: if Kevin Feige, James Gunn, Margot Robbie, and Ryan Reynolds came out today and announced that Deadpool is getting a Disney + series that will be a crossover with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, who here would watch it?

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Pass. I am so tired of Deadpool now.



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It was fun at first but has run its course.


I’d watch it


You know what the reason is.

Not me. I am not getting Disney Plus, and both actors are not draws as their box office bomb list shows.


Maybe, but Robbie has done a great job as Harley Quinn (The Bird of Prey movie is not her fault) and Ryan Reynolds is one of the best actors to play Deadpool, second only to Nolan North.

She is the first listed producer.

The film should be a mild money loser, as it was a small amount. Disney is not going to risk that much promoting a WB property to team up with a work that was not a success. WB making it is more likely.


I know two Suicide Squad movies, several tie-in comics, and a mention in the Snyder Cut that disagrees.

Why not? Disney is always making idiotic choices.

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100 million budget that made just over 200 million worldwide is not a financial failure. Suicide Squad came out 4 years before and was a huge financial success. That is how they made BoPatFEoOHQ.

Tie in comics are regularly made and they are made before it comes out. They do that to promote it. Harley Quinn has not had a hit movie, but she makes hit comics, so making comics is a good idea. In face other than Batman her comics last time I heard sold better than everything DC has including Superman and Wonder Woman. It just did not translate to the theater.

A mention in the Snyder Cut, which is not canon has nothing to do with success. Especially as the Snyder Cut was a financial failure.

The Suicide Squad was also a failure, a very weird failure, designed to cash in on Guardians of the Galaxy.

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It primired on a streaming service, what did you expect?

What makes you say that?

Not to cost 7 times its budget, and it was expected to make HBO Max much more money. When it gets crushed on streaming alone by a badly received movie that is also in theaters it has problems.

It literally did not make back its production budget. Then it is weird, as it had a succesful TV show spin-off.

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Maybe so, but critically speaking, it was a success. Hell, I have that job and I’d have to say, from a critic standpoint, the only problem was the fact it’s 4 hours long and stupidly drawn out.

What is the exact plan for Deadpool 3 though? Is there one? Will Disney even put it’s name on it? Will they demand it be PG-13? For I am reminded of Pretty Woman, by Buena Vista (which Disney owns). The original ending is Richard Gere’s character gives her back the $3000, which she uses to take her friend Disney World. Remember this is Buena Vista (although owned by Disney) and loved the script up to that point. Had no problem with a movie about a prostitute. But they apparently have limits still, lol.


I, and so goes Gunn, blame WB for that. For they put it out on HBO Max at the same time as the theatrical release. Yes, it was during COVID BUT this was in the late summer of August 2021. Things were not 100% open and maskless but closer than WW84 was in December of 2020. Hell, it opened to over 4,000 theaters whereas WW84 opened to over 2,000 theaters. I remember I had HBO Max at the time. I couldn’t get super-hyped for the film, so I sat home and watched it on HBO Max. From the numbers, so did everyone else it seems, lol.

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Who gets what when it comes to this Deadpool/HQ movie? Who gets distribution? Who gets what percentage? What characters can they use? What characters can they kill off? That’s why I laugh at the general Marvel/DC cross-over film people want like an ala Avengers vs. JL or whatever. WB will say 'we want Batman in 90% of the movie…and to beat Iron Man" to which Disney will say “No way!” And they’ll be back and forth at it forever. They wanted to do a Freddy Vs Jason movie since the late eighties but couldn’t due to rights issues. New Line finally got the rights in the early 90s. Yet, it was still in production hell. We didn’t get that film until 2003. For Sean S. Cunningham still had to sign off on all Jason related items.

That is not to say it cannot happen but the likelihood of it…ehhhhhhh.


Only Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman know for certain.

I doubt it.


But for real, it is already confirmed to be the first R-rated Marvel Studios/Disney film.

I honestly have no clue, which is why it’d be good if James Gunn has some kind of major hand in it, since he already plays both teams.

Disney would need to *gasp * COMPROMISE!!! *Alfred Hitchcock scream *

They would most likely end up with 60/40 after crazy debating. I can only say that since Marvel Studios has had more success when compared to DC Studios.

Any of the characters that have been used mostly for Deadpool or Harley Quinn films, such as X-Force and the Birds of Prey, are most likely fair game.

They would have to see where they were already planning to take their specific franchises and then choose who bites the big one from there.

One: I doubt Batman would lose, and two: Iron Man is dead! (And the She-Hulk finale ruined it, as proven by the Warp Zone and Deadpool.)

Again, that’s why it would be good if James Gunn is in-charge of the progress, since he’s already used to Disney’s ■■■■■■■■ and he helps control Disney so he’d only need to argue for an hour with Peter.

Maybe…but James Gunn is no guarantee, sorry. I’ve yet to watch She-Hulk and won’t, I just don’t do Disney/MCU. But at the same time I doubt WB will be like Yeah let’s have Batman fight …Iron-Heart, I dunno, I forget her name. Hence, it makes me wonder when the MCU will reboot. Because they’ll have to eventually.

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So it makes sense, want me to explain?

True. They can’t keep Iron Man and Steve Rogers dead forever.

I mean…it’s one thing in Star Wars, but who knows, lol. And yes, derivative characters are nothing new. Although the overly sensitive anti-woke folks act like Spider-Woman was created yesterday. Eventually, people will want Stark and Rogers back. I mean Disney already does these ‘live’ remakes of past classics, so…it’s not past them.