Who would like to see a live action movie or TV show based off of Young Justice?

I love Young Justice and think it would be great to see the team make their live action debut. What do you think?

I think Young Justice works best as a cartoon.


Not sure. Maybe a big budget animated film that looks incredible would be better.

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A big budget, theatrically released animated Young Justice movie would be fantastic.


It’s to many heroes requiring to much special effects and an incredibly huge budget. Which it probably wouldn’t make back. A true theatrical length animated film is a possibility, but even that has its drawbacks.

Ms Martian, Bumblebee, Arsenal, Artimis, Aqualad, Foroger, Halo, Geo-Force are not generally known to a non-comic book following audience. You’d spend half the film explaining who the are, what powers they have, and we they are all a team in the first place.

YJ works because it’s built on the bones of a series where we learn about the characters as the episodes progress. YJ was designed as an animated series for a reason. It’s DCU Original for a reason. It’s primarily geared for fans not the general theater going public.


Let’s look at Titans for this sort of question. A live action program like Titans is increasingly limited to the stories it can pull off due to budget and special effects. We can never have a battle like say YJ vs The Secret Society. All those powers on screen would be impossible to manage on a live action television budget- which is one of the reasons why Swamp Thing was cancelled.

Unless they ever intended to make it a live action film, in which they would have a massive budget to pull of special effects and having that many actors on screen, I doubt we’d see anything like YJ in live action form in the near future.

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I think a live action YJ show with the original members would be cool!
But, probably not practical.

12:11pm 5/24/2020

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