Who Would Have Won? 💥Meta Madhouse Loser's Bracket: Masterminds 4💥 BANE VS. AMANDA WALLER

The masterminds have taken over Meta Madhouse, as expected.

We’ve got the 2 losers from the Lex Luthor Masterminds Round of 4 and they have another chance to prove their tenacity! The winner of this match gets the privilege of being given the Lex Luthor Masterminds 1ST PLACE title AND a chance to fight it out in our Loser’s Bracket Lex Luthor Masterminds Championship! Their plans may have been foiled this far, but at least now they’ve got a shot for… something?

Who’s got the brains to make their opponent admit defeat?

  • Bane
  • Amanda Waller

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Seeing as Bane has been part of the Suicide Squad, easy contest.

Update: Apparently not.


Poor Bane concedes before the match even begins.