Who Would Have Won? 💥Meta Madhouse Loser's Bracket: Maniacs 4💥

The Meta Madhouse just keeps getting crazier and we’re only in week 1!

We’ve got the 2 losers from The Joker Maniacs Round of 4 and they’ve been given a shot to prove themselves! The winner of this match gets the honor(ish) of being given The Joker Maniacs 1ST PLACE AND a chance to fight it out in our Loser’s Bracket Joker Maniacs Championship! The winner of this one might be the laughing stock of the Madhouse, but they’ll always be 1st place in our hearts.

Who should have taken this match? Help them regain like one-fourth of their honor!

  • Mr. Freeze
  • Harley Quinn

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I think they both should’ve lost, but if they fought each other, I think the results speak for themselves.


I gotta give it to Mr. Freeze. Sure, Harley can keep up the acrobatics and dodge his freeze rays for a while, but she’ll eventually tire. The freeze ray, however, will not tire.

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