Who Would Have Won? 💥Meta Madhouse Loser's Bracket: Beasts 4💥Catwoman vs. Bronze Tiger

We’ve armed ourselves with spray bottles and bite gloves as we continue this week’s Meta Madhouse.

We’ve got the 2 losers from the The Cheetah Beasts Round of 4 and they have another chance to prove their tenacity! The winner of this match gets the privilege of being given the The Cheetah Beasts 1ST PLACE title AND a chance to fight it out in our The Cheetah Beasts Championship! It’s every animal for themself in here, even if the stakes aren’t particularly high.

Who do you think will win this beastly match-up?

  • Catwoman
  • Bronze Tiger

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Honestly, this one is more interesting than the fight we actually got. Bronze Tiger is the better fighter, but I’m voting for Catwoman, because Selina cheats.