Who would draw you?

If You could pick an Artist to Draw you as one of the many DC hero’s or villain’s. What Artist would it be and what character would it be?


Amanda Conner for sure

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Steve Rude. And hell, he could draw me as any character he wants.

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Todd Nauck would have to be mine and I would want him to draw me as Green Arrow.

Though runners up would have be Jim Lee and Todd McFarland

Artist of Choice: Jim Lee.

Character of Choice: Superman. Any of the male Divine Right characters would be crash too (especially Tobruk).

Weapon of Choice: a song by Fatboy Slim. The video features Christopher Wallen cutting a rug.


Artist: Bernard Chang
Character: Djinn or Crush


Artist: Alex Ross or Brian Bolland
Character: Aquaman or Green Lantern

My question is, why would an artist want to draw me in the first place? :wink:

Oddly enough, I rarely pay attention to the names of artist, or comic book writers. You would think that someone who is an artist, and a writer, that I would pay more attention to such things, but I rarely do. It is not that I do not love and respect their work, it is that I am terrible at remembering names of even people I know, I rarely even attempt to remember the names of people I do not know… with the exception of science fiction book writers, but not even all of those.

If I have good reason to remember someone, or someone’s work, then there is a better chance that I will. But if I had to pick an artist to draw me, I would have to see samples of their work, with their names attached, to name the ones I like best.


Kelley jones would be my ideal choice


Artist - Alex Ross or Jim Lee

Character- Batman or Green Lantern

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@MACJR …It’s a what If? Much like you could meet a celebrity or someone who plays sports. It’s just for fun as too me it would be cool to get to have one of your fav comic book artist draw you in the roll of your super hero or villain…It’s fine that you don’t pay no mind who the artist and writers are as some of us do. I my self like to know who’s on the book and who wrote some of my all time fav stories or who drew that sweet A$$ Green Lantern splash page in last week’s issue. If ya ever get bored look us some the writer’s or artist of some your fav Comic book stories as I’m sure you be surprised some the other stuff they have done


Greg capullo, I love his art or Jack Kirby! Who doesn’t want to be drawn “the king”

To add to my previous choice: in the event Mr. Lee was busy, David Finch would be an acceptible substitute until Mr. Lee was free.

I’d say Michael Turner too, but…you know. Poor guy, he was fantastically talented.

@Angry_Burt_Ward_in_Speedos, I did understand the idea of this thread. Although I am nut sure, at the moment, which artist I would like to draw me, I would choose to be a hero in the story. An aged hero who gets his powers way later in life than he would have liked, but ends up being rather powerful when they do arrive.

A hero that came from poverty, and hardship, but who is much brighter than most people gave him most of his life. Someone who had the potential to be the villain when he was younger, but by shear will power, overcame his darker side. He knows what it feels like when the power of darkness is running the show, and how it feels to find that spark of bright bluish light in the center of all that darkness, and how that changed him and gave him more self-confidence, who just getting stronger and stronger as he fed his light side over time. How all this tuns some away, but brings some people closer to him.

Okay, now I am rambling on.

By the way, why is Burt Ward angry? Been wondering that for a while. As a kid, I would have loved to be Robin and have Batman as my father figure.


Mike Grell

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Jim Lee or Bruce Timm

Eddie Mac

If he was still with us, I’d have my heart set on Darwyn Cooke. <3
Bruce Timm, Karl Kerschl, or Dustin Nguyen would be my next choices. And of course I wouldn’t turn down Jim Lee.
There’s too many great artists to choose from :rofl:

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Took a look at Liam Sharp’s work. He would do just fine to draw a character I would create. The character might be based on me, but it would not be me. It could look somewhat like me, but of course, enhanced to heroic proportions. :wink:

Although I am stronger than most average height/weight men, I am not super hero size or in super hero shape. I do spend some time pumping iron though. One of my neighbors called me a Hulk, but not to my face. Although I am not really of Hulk size, not even close, most mortal men are probably better of not pissing me off if they are within arms reach. :wink:


I would want the late, great Curt Swan to draw me as Superman!