Who Won? Battle History poll!


Mongul.The.Elder here testing your knowledge of past brawls through the DC comics universe! Who won the first encounter? who won the most times? Who would win between two charters who haven’t met? All this an more if this post does well then each week I’ll bring you a new poll to test your knowledge of the best fights in DC!

For this first one we have a classic a brawl that has gone back and forth since the 90’s. I’m talking about non other then “Lobo the fraggin best assassin in the universe” vs “Superman the man of steel!”

Who won their first encounter? Answer will be reviled this Sunday at 7p.m. mountain time.

The hint for this one is: They first met in the 90’s in Adventures of Superman written by Dan Jurgens.

  • Superman
  • Lobo

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Feel free to comment and reply! Test the knowledge more by giving specifics without give away the answer! Where did the fight take place? who was present? Was Mongul mentioned in the comic?

I love how Lobo can dodge the censors with is alien curse words. He’s my favorite wacky villain

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Right! He is hilarious to read. I believe he was suppose to be created as a parody of characters like wolverine and punisher then just got popular because people liked the wackiness of him

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If anyone would like to request a future match or just a character and I’ll pick the match up comment below

Alright It looks like 66% of you got it right with LOBO!

For reference for their first encounter read “Adventures of Superman #464

It’s a pretty funny read as most are with Lobo.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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