Who was the best robin I need 3 facts. I think Jason Todd

 I think Jason Todd is the best because...
  1. When Jason Todd was young he was poor and tried taking of the wheels of the bat mobile!! I mean c’mon most adults soundly even think about doing that!

  2. Jason Todd knows right and wrong. In Batman under the hood, he told the drug dealers “ Stay away from kids in school yard” That just shows he has character.

3.his back story was so sad and how he over came it while he was robin. Sadly though he struggled with killing.

So what do you guys think??


In terms of fighting, Dick, in terms of origin, JASON

^i disagree I think dick has the better origin Jason was just a street kid stealing rims off of cars dick was a trapeze preformer whose parents were murdered durring a live performance in front of him and hundreds of other people including Bruce Wayne unless your talking about jasons red hood origin vs dicks Nightwing then i could agree

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Jason Todd

  1. Tried to steal wheels from the bat mobile
    2.is friends with bizzaro

Dick as best character who’s been Robin:

  1. He helped found the DC Universe’s second most important super-team, and has been that team’s traditional leader.
  2. When called upon to take up Batman’s cowl, he was successful in the role.
  3. He understands Bruce better than just about anyone other than Alfred.

Tim as the best actual Robin tenure:

  1. He had his own series, story, and development for fifteen years, building up his own personal supporting cast and adventures while also being able to play sidekick as needed.
  2. He can match or exceed Batman’s capacity for strategy and detective-work.
  3. He has very approachable, level-headed attitude that makes him easy for the reader to identify with.

Jason had a lot of potential. If he’d gotten the investment and development Tim did, he probably could’ve been a better character. He just never got any really good story arcs as Robin, then came back as a homicidal maniac who thought the way to stop crime was being a gangster. Then the Bat-Family just kind of arbitrarily decided to put up with him despite his body count.

Stephanie was another case of squandered potential. Her tenure wasn’t quite as interesting as Jason’s, but she could’ve been as cool as Tim given some time.

Damian is a snotty little brat who thinks he deserves to be Robin because of who his parents are. That’s a shockingly self-centered, entitled attitude and it’s incredibly frustrating that writers seem to think he’s absolutely right. Despite his rage and violence, even Jason understands that the Bat-life isn’t about convincing everyone how awesome and important you are. He’s more interested in taking revenge on the world than in keeping people safe, but he still thinks what he’s doing is making Gotham a better place. I don’t think that ever got through to Damian.


@Batjamags, I could not agree more!


I would say Dick Grayson is the best Robin

  1. Was the first sidekick in the modern era of heroes and set the standard for all young heroes to come

  2. Has successfully lead the Teen Titans, Justice League and Outsiders

  3. Is well respected by everyone in the superhero community

  4. Was extremely successful during his time as Batman (he had a flying batmobile for crying out loud)

  5. Is a better partner for Damian than Bruce


@batjamas I like Damian

sue me
P.S-respect others opinions

I mean Dick Grayson did win the (very official) Meta Madhouse event, so I’m pretty sure he’s not only the best Robin, but also the most powerful character in the DC Universe :wink:

That was really rude I’m very very sorry

all robin fans can agree that nightwing is the og and jason is the cool one, tim is the smart one and (although not my favorite he is the best one for bats), that steph is the cool forgettable on and damian is the bratty yet nice (in his own way) one.

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My favorite is Jason Todd, but his tenure is compromised by the Crisis reboot. I enjoy both versions of the character, with the pre-Crisis version having a better arc for taking on the Robin mantle and the post-Crisis version having the better backstory. He was at his best when written by the criminally underrated Mike W. Barr, but Doug Moench, Max Allan Collins, and Jim Starlin did some good stories with him, too.

That said, the best Robin is Dick Grayson:

  1. His introduction had a greater impact on the books than any other;
  2. His 40-year tenure offers the greatest range of Robin stories;
  3. He was essential in defining the kid sidekick and the legacy character.
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Bruce is less creepy.

Plus i like the attitude.

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Dick is the OG Robin indeed, and he is still a badass.

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Tim Drake, to me, is the best Robin for several reasons

  1. He actually wanted to be Robin from the start and never had any intention of taking over from Bruce. He wasn’t trying to be Dick or Jason, he just wanted Batman to have someone watching his back.

  2. He had his own series which was awesome, which also led to him being first the leader of Young Justice and later becoming a member and later leader of the Teen Titans.

  3. His fighting skills by the time One Year Later came out seemed to surpass even Bruce’s at times.

  4. His origin story was so incredibly different from Dick and Jason. Both his parents were alive and well (and only died after he became Robin) and instead of being able to slip in and out of the Robin suit without any worries at home to do vigilante stuff, he had to hide the suit from his parents and lie about why he’s always out so late and stuff neither of his predecessors had to do. Got even harder for him after his mother died and his father briefly ended up in a wheelchair because his father constantly needed his help with something.

Tim is the most underrated and underused out of all the Robins and I just find it really unfair.

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Agent 37 all day

OK, I like Tim, but please don’t mention him, fighting skills, and One Year Later in the same sentence, especially not in the context of Tim surpassing people he has no business surpassing.

I still get flashbacks.

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We’ll just pretend that Cassandra was subconsciously limiting her fighting abilities by 85% when facing Tim.


I’m with you on Jason. 1) He’s more Batman than Batman. He doesn’t worry about the varying shades of gray- he sees everything black and white. 2) He’s the most realistic of the Robin’s. You can’t go through and do/see everything he has with out it leaving a mark on your soul. 3) He was killed-came back and still fought for eight with reckless abandon.

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