Who Wants the Rewards to Keep Alive?!

As a person who really loves this app; I really would appreciate it if everyone would tell the people at DC to keep the rewards! So if you love this app and have gotten something sweet or are waiting for the special something to get then lets have your patience be Rewarded! So Community please comment below telling them how you feel or you can tell them one wish rewards you would love to see! If your wondering why Im doing this it’s because the rewards will Sadly be ending in September (sounds like a Greenday song). I love this app and would definitely like to help make it better for the Fans like myself. In the words of a Green Lantern “We Got This”! @Kon-El @SuperBlueGrodd @bogie710 @Behe


I completely agree. The rewards drive interaction with the app and with the original shows going to HBO Max this feels like a good way to get something exclusive from the app.


I absolutely love DC’s Rewards!! I would love for them to continue it, even if it’s just during the summer. Through the Rewards, I was able to get the Titans poster. This is really special to me, as not only am I a fan of Titans, but I’m an Teen Titans (2003) fan as well & I never got to buy anything from that series as a kid or teen. So, it is really awesome to finally get some Titans merchandise while the show is still around! :joy:
Please, please, please continue the Rewards program, DC!


I would love it, then I could keep getting awesome stuff, AND free subscriptions!


I want my rewards in general. I redeemed like 3 things.


Yeah they need to keep the rewards. Maybe up the point requirements, but without the rewards I don’t see DCU being around much longer. Feels like they’re trying to kill it.

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The rewards are great


I just came back to the site and was looking forward to earning rewards. It’s disappointing to hear the program is ending, which means whatever rewards are available now are most likely the last ones.

Id just like to be able to see the rewards. Apparently the page is down.

I just got an email saying to check out the new rewards,logged in and wah wah waaaaah the site is still down. Come on guys,don’t advertise it if it isn’t even there!

I hope they keep it or bring it back soon. Also, super sad that the current rewards kind of suck…

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I just got this and wanted to have some rewords for doing it );