Who thinks the music meister should star in a full-length Batman or DC film

Besides the one episode of Batman the brave and the bold and another singular episode of the flash/supergirl,the music meister has been a largely absent character. What film would you guys like to see him in? Who would play him As a live action character? If the film is animated,who would voice him? What would the plot of the film be? What Heroes or villains should show up? I’ll let you wonderful people discuss this,I’m curious to hear your answers


I used to be obsessed with the Music Meister, and I would like to see him in a Batman movie. though I am not sure who should play him.

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@ckahn115.59682 I loved that episode and still go to it now and again.
I would love a deeper insight to his story, similar to Joker with Todd Phillips.

I’d like to see him in a black canary movie. The 2 would be great ans a nice change of pace for super hero movies. As for the actor. I like the guy who played him in that supergirl/flash episode


I’d love to see Lin-Manuel Miranda play Music Meister

Neil Patrick Harris