Who thinks Lex Luthor or Ra's al ghul should have they own orgin story live action or animated?

I think they are great villains &should get there story told…it would be awesome to see Ra’s al ghul use the Lazarus pit for the first time

Animated, yes

I’d be game for an animated adaptation of Lex Luthor: Man of Steel.

I would watch either of these movies, but I agree they would be better animated.

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Only if it’s live action

Or maybe it’s in the injustice universe

They come close to to that, regarding Ra’s using Lazarus pit for 1st x .I believe it’s btas episode showdown but don’t quote me on that. I do remember them showing a flashback where Ra’s is in the desert centuries ago hunting the Lazarus pit & using it for the 1st x. I cannot remember exactly which episode it is tho.

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Lex Luthor basically has a live action origin in Smallville. Thru flashbacks it pretty much shows him from childhood till he’s an adult. Animated would be cool tho for both. The Ra’s animated I mentioned was only one episode of a 2 parter & they didn’t spend too much time on the origin part of his character.

Now that the guy who played Kingpin on Daredevil is out of a job, the DC Universe should sign him up for Lex Luthor. If they’re really reimagining Metropolis as a possible series he would be perfect for it.

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