Who thinks DC should bring out a Marshan Man hunter or a Death Stroke TV Show?

You can have a good guy who kills bad guys or a bad guy that kills good guys. We already have enough good guy shows let’s see a villain show.


Yes to a Martian Manhunter series (maybe on Syfy and in the Kryptonverse?).

Deathstroke will be getting a CW Seed animated show later on, but a live action series would be great for DCU.


I see Deathstroke working well. His powers don’t require as much CGI as many characters and his mercenary approach would be a new flavor of superhero show.

Martian Manhunter is cool and all, but the CGI would be large or he’d be in human form all the time, and I’m not sure what he’d bring different other than sad.


J’onn could use a good solo comic run first so they have something to work with.

Deathstroke would probably not work either, honestly. He’s a thoroughly horrible person, and doesn’t really make a very engaging protagonist. If we have to see a mercenary-themed supervillain show, I’d rather see one for Lady Shiva, Deadshot, or Secret Six.


Yea to both. That would be awesome!!


I think Deathstroke’s Rebirth series has the tone and depth to work. Villain centric TV shows sometimes land and DS often treads in antihero territory.

I agree a Secret Six series would be even better, but it has zero brand appeal outside hardcore comic nerds.


I’m down for both. They’re both favorites of mine so I would love a show for them. Since Deathstroke is getting his animated show I would like to see Manhunter first but he would be expensive with the CGI.


Well marshon manhunter in the Super girl tv series

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I always thought that prior to the late 90’s, Slade was more of an antihero than a straight up villain. Then Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans retconned him as an irredeemable villain. But when he was written by Wolfman, he was human and had plenty of good in him, he just had horrible luck and was awful with people.

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I’d buy that if he hadn’t slept with Terra. That kind of kills any sympathy he might build up. Not that that’s not how Wolfman was trying to write him (it probably is), but what wound up on paper does not paint a flattering picture.