Who thinks DC films hire whomever auditions & never go out & seek the right actors for the right roles? The average movie goer & true die hard fans deserve way more🤬

Ur thoughts?:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Stargirl :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Birds of Prey :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Well, obviously the dropped the ball with Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. That might have been the worst CBM casting too date.

The issue with Stargirl in Titans is the makeup and wardrobe. Not the actress

Nothing wrong with Birds of Prey supposed candidates

I don’t understand to give these roles to big name actors. Go out and find a new face Pretty much how they found there actor to play Wolverine


The casting of Birds of Prey could of been way better?


Dove Cameron should have been casted as Stargirl🤔

I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around. I doubt Affleck auditions. Or Jason Mamoa, Heath Ledger, Danny Devito or Michelle Pfeiffer.

Naw believe they all auditioned

Marvel doesn’t really have “big names” either. Tell me, did the general public really know who Chris Pratt was before GotG? Did anyone know Elizabeth Olsen other than the fact that was a sister of the Olsen twins? Chris Hemsworth was a nobody until Thor and nobdoy wanted Tom Hiddleston as Bond until his run as Loki. I had never even heard of Brie Larson until Captain Marvel was announced. DCs definitely going for more unproven talent, but its not too different from Marvels been doing.

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I think a lot of people know Pratt from Parks and Rec. Probably not as many knew the rest of your Marvel list. But, DC has LOTS of big name actors. Even doing the animated stuff.

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Yea whatever the case maybe Marvel is exceeding expectations when DC is failing. Aquaman should be great as well as Shazam & WW84 we shall see with the Joker movie & Birds of Prey. Their order of films don’t seem strategic at all such as Marvel. Its seems all out of wack

DC has given up on strategy. They’re just making whatever they can make at this point. Maybe ten years from now, we’ll get an ensemble film that ties the upcoming 10+ films together, but after they failed hard with Justice League, they’re not going to be attempting it for a while.

I think they definitely audition, even big names like Affleck. Most of these roles arent open casting where any actor can try. Affleck was on a list of 3, iirc, other known actors. It’s my understanding Josh Brolin was also in the running. Cavill, Gadot, Momoa, were on lists specific to their looks. They were not looking for blond white guys or African americans, they wanted someone of polynesian decent because Snyder had a specific view for that character. Just like a plain-jane was never an option for WW. Ayer knew he had to bet white, blonde, and super attractive, but didnt sacrifice acting skills.
Joaquin had to be off an extremely short list too, considering how tightly this movie will depend on the performer.
Birds of Prey put diversity first because they are all “disposable characters” that dont have a longterm plan. They are leaving out Batgirl so they can do a proper version later. Same with Ivy and Kitty. Heres hoping Birds of Prey is great, they could do alot better with Black Canary (like January Jones, Brooklyn Decker, AnnaLynne Mccord, Diana Agron, Abbie Cornish, Teresa Palmer, Imogen Poots, Gillian Jacobs, a Fanning sister, would have loved Charlize Theron as an older, seasoned BC who used to roll with Batfleck) but they could do alot worse than Jurnee.