Who Should Write Batman?

@Nathan.Payson If Bendis is going to get a Batman book, I think it’s going to be Batman, not Detective Comics. DC will probably want the big writer on the big title.

I think Bendis going onto another big book like Batman depends on whether he’s done with his Superman story with Leviathan. I get the feeling that if he stays on Superman/Action, it’s unlikely he’ll go onto Batman. I mean, the man writes a stupid amount of books (probably too much and tends to stretch himself thin), but I doubt he would have the time or energy to essentially lead both the Superman and Batman line.

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@Jay_Kay Yeah, that’s why I don’t think Bendis is likely.

The person I’d MOST like to see writing Batman is Greg Rucka, but that would be true of any DC book. So excited for his Lois Lane.

Scale Batman and Detective down to once a month and let Tomasi do both titles.

@gothamknight666 – it has been confirmed that all the DC titles will go to once a month starting in January.

Stop making Batman be a ‘loner doom and gloom’ character. He has always shined as a family mentor figure.

Give the Bat Family to:

Devin Grayson, Mark Waid, Dan Jurgens, Gail Simone, and Chuck Dixon

Marry off Catwoman and Batwoman, have Dick and Babs become a super couple in their own city and have a child, have Tim become the new Oracle with Stephanie and Cassandra his agents in another city, make Damian the villian he was always meant to be, bring some new blood in and spice things up with Selina and Bruce training new vigilantes in a type of school family unit, and tweak characters and enhance Batwoman, Batwing, Red Hood, and others.

These five writers really know how to handle large groups of heroes and bring others into the fold.

Sorry. Meant to say marry off Catwoman and Batman and marry off Batwoman. Spreading out the family and bring them back home on special occasions. Dick/Babs - New York. Bruce/Selena - Gotham. Tim/Stephanie/Cassandra - Los Angeles/San Francisco

Tomasi or Tynion are my top picks I’ve liked all of the stuff I’ve read from them

@jdbgl71.38647: Not quite sure about the plot ideas, but I would LOVE that lineup of writers, though I don’t think I’ve seen much from most of them in a while. In particular, I know Chuck Dixon had some kind of falling out with DC back in the 2000s.