Who should play darkside in the dceu

Hey everyone was wondering who would u like to play darkside in the dceu

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Tony Todd (candyman). Amazing voice.


That would be amazing

Bryan Cranston

Tony Todd
Michael Ironside
Michael Dorn
Ron Pearlman


Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Fun fact:
Tony Todd plays Darkseid in the Lego DC Superhero films lol

If I had to go with a new take or actor, I would say Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let’s face it, the studio would do cgi so his age doesn’t matter. He is already larger than life & his on screen presence is enough to seal the deal. Not too mention, his voice is already unique so a little distoration added would make it even more different . Plus he’s already got that powerful stare and anger gaze down… just watch terminator lol

He deserves a 2nd chance in the DC universe for sure.

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@TX85 YES to Ron Pearlman!!! YES!!!

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I think Darkseid is a character that’s too big for one person. I think they should cast someone to do mocap, and someone to do the actual voice.

I love Pearlman but no. I’m for Ironside.


Someone should post photoshoped pics of actors to get a better idea

I found this image online to support my earlier thoughts. Picture gives an idea for sure. Arnold Schwarzenegger still has my vote lol


Ha that’s awesome

I would love to see Andre Braugher return to voice Darkseid after playing him in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. I think his deep demanding voice is perfect for the character, and whenever I read comics with Darkseid I always hear Braugher’s voice. (also I wanna see Captian Ray Holt in a a high budget blockbuster movie)

Didn’t Josh Brolin already play him in that Infinity movie? :stuck_out_tongue:

He wishes lol :wink:

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To be fair, Thanos is awesome in the comics and in the MCU with Brolin giving a fantastic performance. However, Thanos is in fact inspired by Darkseid for good reason and personally, yes I do prefer Darkseid over Thanos overall.

As for actors. There are still plenty who could deliver as great of a performance as Brolin or even better without taking anything away from Brolin or Thanos


Yes, Brolin was fantastic. My real answer is Michael Chiklis.

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I Agree 100%, I actually prefer Darkseid myself, mainly cause I grew up more familiar with him than Thanos. From the Intergalactic Super Powers Team Show to Michael Ironside in the DCAU, Darkseid was always my fav. But Brolin did do a great job in the MCU, that is for sure. I honestly would even say Brolin’s portrayal of Thanos would be the best villain they’ve had so far, but again I do agree with all you said.

My Top 3 MCU villains are Thanos, King Pin and Loki but I have to say that IF Darkseid finally gets featured on film, he could have potential to be the best DC villain on film history. Maybe even one of the best villains in any cbm but I’m just biased as Darkseid is one of my favorite villains of all time. Actually, I think most of my favorite villains are from DC lol